Monday, 7 May 2012

Over to the dark side - Cryx

I have resisted Warmachine successfully for quite a few years, I bought a 1st Edition rule years ago, flicked through it but it didn't catch my interest. The release of the 2 player box set again brought Warmachine back to the surface, we now had a small base of players within the local club.

Some guys from RedWarSoc popped down to Total Wargamer recently and ran some intro demos, I watched a game and was curious. Initially I was drawn to the Trollbloods faction for Hordes but the cost put me off somewhat. In the end I had some discount credit some I picked up a rulebook cheaply.

Now I ummed and arred, some of the oddly waisted jacks look a little odd to me, I came down to Cygnar for its shootyness and Cryx for the undead imagery and possible use in other systems. Next up I spent some time on eBay, loads of related items but very few secondhand turning up perhaps this is an indication of it's popularity. In the end fate brought me to someone selling off a bunch of Cryx, I put some bids on and won a selection of models.

I have redone the bases, touched up some of the paint and completely painted the Helljack, which I also magnetised to give me all the options for three different jacks.

Here's the collection to date.

Here's the Helljack in it's Slayer variant, I can also field this as a Corruptor or a Reaper.

Iron Lich Asphyxious

Warwitch Deneghra



Bile Thralls

I have also tried a little snow on the bases, this is a first for me, I did it with PVA glue mixed with Bicarbonate of Soda and a little more Soda sprinkled on top. Quite pleased with the results, they had their first outing on Saturday, I lost to Kahuna but its all about learning from your mistakes and I have already found some more reinforcements on eBay.


Michael Awdry said...

Superb! They look tremendous, I especially like the bases.

Little Odo said...

Oh, seems like I lost my previous comment to a PC problem this end.

I really like the look of those minis and what you have done with them. I haven't really investigated any of these new fantasy skirmish games, but most likely will now. Can you share any more details/thoughts on the types of games that come from the ruleset?

Little Odo