Thursday, 31 May 2012

New Recruits - soft-skins have arrived

After selling some bits and pieces on eBay I had a little spare gaming cash so I decided to get hold of the soft-skins I was missing for my WW2 Americans.

I bought some Forged in Battle miniatures earlier in the year and was impressed with the quality, these are just as good. Both packs contain 4 vehicles and some metal crewmen.

First up the jeeps and trailers for the Machine Gun platoon.

And the towing vehicles for the 57mm Anti Tank guns,

Here are the Jeeps out of the pack, the painted model is from Skytrex and they have similar proportions. A quick look at the models reveals no problems and you might notice there is three different trailer loads and stowage in the rear of the Jeeps. This is the standard with FiB and adds great variety.

Again with the 1.5 tonners, there are small variations with the stowage on top of the wheel arches.

Look closely and you can see the driver.

Very pleased with these models, going to slap some paint on them over our forthcoming 4 day weekend.

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Vladgothic said...

I have been eyeing these recently as thinking of re-constituting my 15mm, inspired by some forthcoming items ;-).
How do you rate them? and what o they scale well with?