Monday, 7 May 2012

Malifaux Executioner - step by step

Here we have The Executioner for the Guild faction for Malifaux. I have coveted this figure and its abilities ever since it was used to take my Nicodem crew apart. Here is the contents of the blister, I have run the stat card through the laminator.

First job is to clean up the parts, nothing major just some small seam lines. I have cut the tab in to pegs and rounded them off with a needle file. Out with the super-glue and accelerator, could do with a third hand when assembling these things.

I have found a part from the GW giant kit for the base, cutting off the hand and chain, some glue and sand mix finishes it off. I used my pinvice to drill in to the plastic to take the pegs.

Before it gets primed I need to fill the tiny gap in the hose from the left claw, it is big enough to notice and be annoyed by. I've have given liquid green stuff a go, mainly because I can't be bothered to mix up some of my years old putty.

Staring at this miniature whilst deciding whether to undercoat black or white, I decided to move it, to get a more balanced position on the base. Managed to break the tip off a needle file enlarging the hole - that's cheap eBay files for you!

I knew I wanted to spray the base white so I painted the whole thing white in the end as I wanted to keep the flesh reasonably bright.

I have started blocking in the colour and noticed that there are some tricky areas to get paint into and as I used white as an undercoat I shall have to take great care that they aren't missed.

I have used thinned down 'Dwarf Flesh' and 'Boltgun Metal' so far. Once the rest of the model has had a thin coat of paint I will use 'Devlan Mud' and 'Baddab Black' to tone down the colours.

Foundry Storm Green for the trousers, black for the hood and a thinned brown across the base.

Another cheap dulux shade across the base and tidy up the base edge with some black.

Next up the flesh is worked up with Elf flesh and washes of Devlan Mud, the leggings are painted Khaki whilst the boots got some black and some Bolt Gun Metal. Tubes on the back had some dull yellow brown, washed again with Devlan Mud.

In the last photo lots of little things done, the hood is highlighted with a dark grey, the base has highlighted too with a lighter bone colour. Some dark brown is stippled on the chest to represent some chest hair. The ivy on the base is from Army Painter, since the photo was taken I have also added some dried herbs as fallen leaves.

My collection of paints is always larger than I realise, some of them are over 20 years old. The majority of the colours used here are from GWs old paint range, now replaced with their new colours and formula. I also use DIY sample pots for painting bases and doing scenery, alas it appears now that the stores no longer mix the 250ml tins so I will need to rethink what to do.

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