Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Suprise! It's Me!

"Surprise! It's Me" cries William, as he crashes into the Viking Warlord, horses hooves failing and sword slashing. Nearly lost a game of Saga on Sunday, must remember that Milites are brittle and don't mess with the table size as it gives too much advantage to the mounted troops.

I am enjoying Saga, I have (half of) both Gripping Beast plastic boxes as well as a box of Warlord Celts stashed away for later in the year. I am giving serious thought to rebasing my WAB Normans of slotta bases and selling off the excess.

Meanwhile the infantry have been bought for the WW2 project, I pick them up on Sunday morning, the vehicles are progressing well, I am pretty much waiting now for the decals to arrive before I can add stowage and dirty them up a little.

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