Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Easily distracted!

I know is should be finishing off my 15mm WW2 but after spending a whole week on them I burned myself out a little. As a diversion I had done a little terrain modelling, first up here's a simple pond based on hardboard.

I have a few more of these cut out from hard board and am hoping to make more ponds, some swamps and some fields. Check back to see these after Easter.

I popped in to see Gripping Beast for an update on Northern Fury and picked up the church. Possibly still tinkering with this.


I have Northern Fury, good it today along with the special pre-order figure, looks great, may play Bretons at the weekend.

1 comment:

Stuart S said...

Very nice I am tempted to make an oasis myself as none of the ones I have seen look any good or are to expensive.