Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Easily distracted!

I know is should be finishing off my 15mm WW2 but after spending a whole week on them I burned myself out a little. As a diversion I had done a little terrain modelling, first up here's a simple pond based on hardboard.

I have a few more of these cut out from hard board and am hoping to make more ponds, some swamps and some fields. Check back to see these after Easter.

I popped in to see Gripping Beast for an update on Northern Fury and picked up the church. Possibly still tinkering with this.


I have Northern Fury, good it today along with the special pre-order figure, looks great, may play Bretons at the weekend.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring, Sprung!

I've been busy the 15mm WW2 force is coming together well. After picking up the infantry from Peter Pig at WMMS I have spent a week getting them to almost completion. While there I also bought some M3A1 Halftracks and a couple of M20 Armoured Cars from Forged in Battle.

I hadn't made my mind up regarding Forged in Battle, I wanted to see them 'in the flesh', I found them crisply cast with all the models in the packs having different bits of stowage etc to make them all different. Will definitely going back to them for more stuff in the future, their infantry look nice too but do suffer from some gaps in the ranges at the moment.

No photos until the models are finished, but here's the other Skytrex models I have done so far, I have the decals now and we get the decals and stowage on these soon.

I have also started another Gripping Beast resin building, this time the church and have been starting some drop on terrain pieces. Again, photos once completed.

This weekends club saw us playing Stu's Pike and Shot Zombie game, he will be writing up a battle report but in the meantime here's some photos.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Suprise! It's Me!

"Surprise! It's Me" cries William, as he crashes into the Viking Warlord, horses hooves failing and sword slashing. Nearly lost a game of Saga on Sunday, must remember that Milites are brittle and don't mess with the table size as it gives too much advantage to the mounted troops.

I am enjoying Saga, I have (half of) both Gripping Beast plastic boxes as well as a box of Warlord Celts stashed away for later in the year. I am giving serious thought to rebasing my WAB Normans of slotta bases and selling off the excess.

Meanwhile the infantry have been bought for the WW2 project, I pick them up on Sunday morning, the vehicles are progressing well, I am pretty much waiting now for the decals to arrive before I can add stowage and dirty them up a little.