Friday, 10 February 2012

This is not getting the ACW stuff painted!

Ok I know I should be painting ACW figures for next weekends big game, I am well on target and have Sunday pegged as a 'hobby day', this should see me at the point of 'dipping' the figures - actually I paint it on it is easier and far more controllable.

I have managed to avoid undercoating the Executioner that arrived yesterday, that will be the reward for finishing the ACW figures, but I also ordered some more resin bases from eBay, the seller was Startledhedgehog. At £2.50 + postage I thought these would make great scrap counters.

All I did with these was to use my glue gun to tack them to some foamcore and spray black. Once dry I used my normal three colour basing, then painted some bits in metallic shades. A little black wash later and I was happy with them.

I am still giving thought to blast and fire markers, as they are templates I am thinking flat mdf with appropriate paint effects.


Stuart S said...

The more distracted you are the more likely my Reb's will have at breaking the line,next weekend.

Paul said...

Alas No, been very busy today!