Sunday, 26 February 2012

Smelly Hovels and American Armour

Last week I picked up a couple of the Gripping Beast resin buildings, they are nice solid and reasonably priced. These will be great for SAGA and the early medieval period, fantasy games too.

Meanwhile according to the "plan" I should be painting up my WW2 US vehicles, it's only two weeks before the WMMS show in Wolverhampton and I want them finished before I buy the infantry.

I had painted these initially with the Army Painter US Olive Drab spray but I was really not happy with the coverage and I have given these a quick first coat of Tamiya Olive Drab and will do some more in a hour. I am much happier with the Tamiya, coverage is far better.

I also have a box of the Gripping Beast plastic Anglo Saxons but more on that later.

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