Tuesday, 7 February 2012

February all ready .....

My painting has been focussed on finishing my ACW forces before our all day game in two weeks, the cavalry repaints are practically ready for varnish, just a little to do on the horses.

I managed to swap my spare card less Santiago model on the Wyrd forum for a crooked man so I squeezed in a little Malifaux painting.

First up is an extra from the GW plastic giant, thought it would be a useful scenic item, it has been lurking on the painting table so I gave it a little attention.

Here's the Crooked Man, he was already painted, I repainted most to make him fit with my own models, he was also on a resin base, I have used broken slate chips like on my Bette Noire.

Next up lots of ACW models, after that 15mm US vehicles.

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