Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Heavy Metal

Finally happy with the green on the US armour, started doing the tracks now.

I think I am still on target to get these finished before the WMMS show on the 11th of March, I need to put my order in with Peter Pig for my infantry.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Smelly Hovels and American Armour

Last week I picked up a couple of the Gripping Beast resin buildings, they are nice solid and reasonably priced. These will be great for SAGA and the early medieval period, fantasy games too.

Meanwhile according to the "plan" I should be painting up my WW2 US vehicles, it's only two weeks before the WMMS show in Wolverhampton and I want them finished before I buy the infantry.

I had painted these initially with the Army Painter US Olive Drab spray but I was really not happy with the coverage and I have given these a quick first coat of Tamiya Olive Drab and will do some more in a hour. I am much happier with the Tamiya, coverage is far better.

I also have a box of the Gripping Beast plastic Anglo Saxons but more on that later.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Battle of the Peaks

Last year, we decided that our 2012 Winter club all day game would be an ACW game using the Terrible Sharp Sword supplement for Sharp Practice. Our only problem would be that we weren't completely sure who was coming and what figures we would have.

I decided we could have an escalation style game, starting off with small amounts on the table that we would add to using an accumulated score system with some time cut off to ensure forces would arrive on the table.

In case you are unaware of the Two Fat Lardies rule systems, they use 'blinds' to represent the Fog of War. Typically you will find yourself with a couple of dummy blinds representing very small patrols, in game terms they can move, spot and little else. All other blinds represent real troops which once spotted are placed on the table.

Inspired by the opening battle scenes from the Gettysburg film, we start the game with the Union forces in control of the town and it's Cavalry acting as vedettes further on the table, on blinds.

From the other end of the table.

The Confederates unaware of the Union forces came on to the table. They advance towards the waiting blinds.

The Union cavalry blinds move forward, before long becoming spotted and the figures have to be placed on to the table.

Three groups of cavalry find themselves some cover and prepare their rifles. Repeating rifles and breach-loaders are very effective in these rules, firing twice as fast as the muzzle loaded musket or rifle.

The dismounted cavalry come under fire from the Alabama unit, the far group pushed back due to casualties and shock. The middle group is about to be charged in melee, an artillery piece attached to the cavalry has also come off their blind and opened fire. Closest to the camera, the group there has suffered casualties due to the rebel artillery.

The Union cavalry seem to suffer random firing events (more 1's than 6's), managing to roll up more out of ammunition results than we have ever seen - all in the same turn!

The cavalry manage another volley before they are contacted by the Confederates, after a couple of rounds of combat they are pushed back.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the table the Zouaves move on, moving to reinforce the cavalry.

The Confederate tide rolls on. morale is high at their end of the table.

We reach the cut off point for the next batch of forces, here are the advance elements of the 76th New York on their blinds, whilst on the opposing table end Texan infantry and cavalry advance on.

The Union cavalry had retired and managed to reform itself along with the 12 pounder, both had now found where they had left their ammunition. The 76th came off their blinds and began to form up on the ridge line whilst some of the Alabama Confederates moved across the road to face them. This crucially meant that the Alabama unit was facing two Union units whilst the Texans came on to support them.

The Texans reach the crossroads whilst blinds probe on the other flank.

The Union dismounted cavalry commanded by Lt. William Bacon, pour some withering fire in to the Alabama, whilst their return fire is somewhat feeble.

Major parts of the 76th are now in place behind the cavalry and add their weight to the fire pouring in, the Confederates are pushed back in disarray. The 76th advance and the cavalry remount for a charge on the retreating Alabama. Behind them the Texans are making hard going of getting through the wheat field.

Alas time was called before the Union cavalry could charge home, the two Confederate blinds approaching was their horse which could have ended up in an interesting infantry and cavalry melee.

Despite their early success in easily brushing off the Union vedettes, the Confederates conceded the field of battle and retired to tend to their wounded.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Billy Yank marches to war

Spent an hour gluing flock and tufts down on the cavalry this evening. Here's what I have just finished.

Now for some shots of all of the cavalry and mounted officers.

I have some time off next month when I will take some shots of the whole collection together, in the meantime this lot will see action on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Blue is the colour. (Updated 15/2)

Next weekend we have our winter all day game. This time the theme is the American Civil War, I have just a few things to paint for this project which I am finishing off this week. I am working on twelve cavalry, eight dismounted cavalry, three officers and another horse holder set.

Here's the officer for my cavalry detachment. In the game he will be Lt. Bacon, 5th US cavalry.

Plastic cavalry, officers and horse holders from Perry Miniatures, dismounted cavalry from Wargames Foundry.

************ Update ************

Varnishing is complete, next stop flock, tufts and a couple of guidons.

Friday, 10 February 2012

This is not getting the ACW stuff painted!

Ok I know I should be painting ACW figures for next weekends big game, I am well on target and have Sunday pegged as a 'hobby day', this should see me at the point of 'dipping' the figures - actually I paint it on it is easier and far more controllable.

I have managed to avoid undercoating the Executioner that arrived yesterday, that will be the reward for finishing the ACW figures, but I also ordered some more resin bases from eBay, the seller was Startledhedgehog. At £2.50 + postage I thought these would make great scrap counters.

All I did with these was to use my glue gun to tack them to some foamcore and spray black. Once dry I used my normal three colour basing, then painted some bits in metallic shades. A little black wash later and I was happy with them.

I am still giving thought to blast and fire markers, as they are templates I am thinking flat mdf with appropriate paint effects.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

February all ready .....

My painting has been focussed on finishing my ACW forces before our all day game in two weeks, the cavalry repaints are practically ready for varnish, just a little to do on the horses.

I managed to swap my spare card less Santiago model on the Wyrd forum for a crooked man so I squeezed in a little Malifaux painting.

First up is an extra from the GW plastic giant, thought it would be a useful scenic item, it has been lurking on the painting table so I gave it a little attention.

Here's the Crooked Man, he was already painted, I repainted most to make him fit with my own models, he was also on a resin base, I have used broken slate chips like on my Bette Noire.

Next up lots of ACW models, after that 15mm US vehicles.