Saturday, 21 January 2012

What is it with newly painted figures ....

What is it with newly painted figures, pop them in their first game and they lose horribly. I finished the Ortega family crew and took them down to Total Wargamer for a game of Malifaux. We had a Guild face off, not the best match up for me with all the armoured opposition in the shape of a peacekeeper, a guardian and a hunter being controlled by Hoffman.

We also got to play on the Terraclips board, I'm still not really a fan and I am looking for my own solution for an urban board.

Meanwhile in the shop they were playing a 40k apocalypse game, with something like 25,000 points on the table. They seemed to enjoy themselves but it was really everything I don't like, wall to wall vehicles, everything cramped up together, completely unrealistic.

Today I have also used the Army Painter coloured primers for the first time, I have used the black and white sprays before, but the coloured spray just didn't go on as well - don't think I will buy another.

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Stuart S said...

Paul in an effort to address this, I have started playing small games on my own just to get over the hurdle of new figures.... I have also come to the conclusion that some of my stuff does not travel well, winning at home but losing at the club.