Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year, New Project!

Well it's 2012 and that means a new project to start, I have plans to get the first part of this project complete by Easter, this does load most of the effort in to the last 4 weeks so we shall see how we get on.

I am building a force of late WW2 Americans, in 15mm to use with IABSM 3. The rather vague plan has me building some Shermans first from the PSC kits, then the rest of the kits will arrive courtesy of the Skytrex 20% off sale. At the WMMS show in March I hope to pick up the infantry.

I am still a little up in the air regarding basing, having no suitable figures in the house I made do with some Peter Pig Mahdists, my options are two figures on 20mm square, two figures on 25mm square or (like Stu) three figures on the small Flames of War style base. Here's a photo to show what I mean;

I am leaning to a combination of options two and three. Making up a section with two three man bases and two, two man bases. Bases will be thin MDF from the excellent

I was quite pleased with the way the first Sherman went together, I took it slowly, cleaning up the parts as I cut them from the sprue and used them. Used a little 'Mr Surfacer' on the turrets and some release pin marks on the fenders, this is a nice product that comes in a variety of grades of thickness, mine is quite fine (500) compared to something like 'Liquid Green Stuff' but has a further two grades even finer (1000 and 1200).

The tracks are not glued on yet, I will paint them separately and pop them on afterwards, I am also thinking of up armouring some of these to make them look a bit different, perhaps with logs down the sides, still thinking of how to do that for now.

Finally I threw together a couple of Claim markers for Malifaux, just a length of bamboo skewer, plastic card, 30mm MDF circles and some rocky scatter. Will do some more on these tomorrow.

Well that's not too bad a start for 2012.

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Stuart S said...

Competition for my Late War Germans... Just might be tempted to expand my Krauts if the rules play out. I think I need to add a few more Big Man stands.