Monday, 16 January 2012

Mission: Vraks Prime

The following game was played in the 40K 'universe' using Tomorrow's War from Ambush Alley Games in order to catch the flavour of the 40K fiction.

A lander leaves the Renegade Marine Battle Barge 'Seraph' spiralling down to the surface of Vraks Prime following the faint signal from a marines power armour. Being few in number it is necessary to recover the valuable gene seed from the Progenoid Gland and return it to harvest the valuable genetic material.

The faint signal was followed to the outskirts of a small conurbation, many of the buildings had been damaged by previous orbital bombardment providing much cover for the adherents of the false emperor.

Splitting the squad in to fire teams they advanced rapidly at first, then cautiously as they got in to the rubble strewn streets, luckily sensors build in to the armour helped to locate the enemy, who opened fire first.

Despite attempting to manoeuvre around the flanks of the marines, the guardsmen found their lasguns too weak for the task. Only once, when they managed to combine the fire power from two squads, were they able to drive marines to the ground, only to see them rise and return fire. The retrieval of the Progenoid Gland was announced by a booby trap going off, that too was ineffectual.

A magnetic fog came down which closed down long range fire and permitted the marines to leave with their prize at a cost of 2 lightly wounded and one seriously wounded. The guardsmen lost many dead and seriously wounded.

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