Sunday, 29 January 2012

Minicon 2012

Today was the inaugural Minicon event in Gloucester, a gaming event focusing on games rather than trade. The hall was a reasonable size with two side rooms and a bar.

We took our "Death of the Prince" game, with simplified rules so it could be played in a hour or so, we got four games during the day, with a great day had by all.

Here's a couple of in game shots from during the day.

Here's a shot Redditch Wargames Society's excellent Cutlass table.

I also got to play Operation Squad, a WW2 squad based skirmish game. Players purchase a squad from typically 500 points, from which you purchase troops and their various weapons.

The ranges in centimetres betray the continental origin of these rules, as an indicator SMGs have a range of 40cm and rifles and MGs 80cm. Players take turns to activate a model and the opponent can interupt that action. Take too many interruptions and you won't have enough models to activate.

This is a pretty quick game to play, you would easily get at least two games in a club evening, but I would want to find an alternative to the many counters that would litter the table. Rich Jones does a fuller review here.

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