Monday, 9 January 2012

Abaddon's Black Legion

I remember buying the first edition of 40K from the Birmingham branch of GW, then in the Palisades shopping centre, it's moved four times since. In those heady days we were encouraged to make our chapters and design our own vehicles from plastic bottles found around the house. And there was squats!

To put things in to perspective, the first plastic space marine box set, which contained 30 figures, was only £9.99 whilst for the same price you could have three rhino kits in one box.

Since then 40K has moved in two directions at once. The game which seems to appeal to the younger side of GW's target demographic, whilst it's fiction creates a rich background. I am not a fan of the current ruleset, but the release of Tomorrow's War gives an opportunity to play the game.

All these figures were bought second hand on eBay, repainted quickly in the Black Legion scheme, basically black with silver and gold trim.

Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour

Terminator Squad

Marine Squad #1

Marine Squad #2

Marine Squad #3


More Havocs


This is around 1500 points in the current rule set, though pretty sure not an effective army list as it contains no vehicles, I am still keeping an eye on ebay for these. After the weekend I will post up my thoughts on using Tomorrow's War for 40K.

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