Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lame blog post of the week

I am currently cracking on with the ACW figures for the next big game, my Tamiya Olive Drab came today so I will get the airbrush out at the weekend.

Meanwhile I have swapped my mispacked Santiago figure for a 'Crooked Man', whilst I wait for him to come I have made two 'Shafted' markers.

Nothing complicated, just some 30mm bases with filler and sand around the edge.

Next counters will be dynamite!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Minicon 2012

Today was the inaugural Minicon event in Gloucester, a gaming event focusing on games rather than trade. The hall was a reasonable size with two side rooms and a bar.

We took our "Death of the Prince" game, with simplified rules so it could be played in a hour or so, we got four games during the day, with a great day had by all.

Here's a couple of in game shots from during the day.

Here's a shot Redditch Wargames Society's excellent Cutlass table.

I also got to play Operation Squad, a WW2 squad based skirmish game. Players purchase a squad from typically 500 points, from which you purchase troops and their various weapons.

The ranges in centimetres betray the continental origin of these rules, as an indicator SMGs have a range of 40cm and rifles and MGs 80cm. Players take turns to activate a model and the opponent can interupt that action. Take too many interruptions and you won't have enough models to activate.

This is a pretty quick game to play, you would easily get at least two games in a club evening, but I would want to find an alternative to the many counters that would litter the table. Rich Jones does a fuller review here.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

What is it with newly painted figures ....

What is it with newly painted figures, pop them in their first game and they lose horribly. I finished the Ortega family crew and took them down to Total Wargamer for a game of Malifaux. We had a Guild face off, not the best match up for me with all the armoured opposition in the shape of a peacekeeper, a guardian and a hunter being controlled by Hoffman.

We also got to play on the Terraclips board, I'm still not really a fan and I am looking for my own solution for an urban board.

Meanwhile in the shop they were playing a 40k apocalypse game, with something like 25,000 points on the table. They seemed to enjoy themselves but it was really everything I don't like, wall to wall vehicles, everything cramped up together, completely unrealistic.

Today I have also used the Army Painter coloured primers for the first time, I have used the black and white sprays before, but the coloured spray just didn't go on as well - don't think I will buy another.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Mission: Vraks Prime

The following game was played in the 40K 'universe' using Tomorrow's War from Ambush Alley Games in order to catch the flavour of the 40K fiction.

A lander leaves the Renegade Marine Battle Barge 'Seraph' spiralling down to the surface of Vraks Prime following the faint signal from a marines power armour. Being few in number it is necessary to recover the valuable gene seed from the Progenoid Gland and return it to harvest the valuable genetic material.

The faint signal was followed to the outskirts of a small conurbation, many of the buildings had been damaged by previous orbital bombardment providing much cover for the adherents of the false emperor.

Splitting the squad in to fire teams they advanced rapidly at first, then cautiously as they got in to the rubble strewn streets, luckily sensors build in to the armour helped to locate the enemy, who opened fire first.

Despite attempting to manoeuvre around the flanks of the marines, the guardsmen found their lasguns too weak for the task. Only once, when they managed to combine the fire power from two squads, were they able to drive marines to the ground, only to see them rise and return fire. The retrieval of the Progenoid Gland was announced by a booby trap going off, that too was ineffectual.

A magnetic fog came down which closed down long range fire and permitted the marines to leave with their prize at a cost of 2 lightly wounded and one seriously wounded. The guardsmen lost many dead and seriously wounded.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Painting Progess and a game later ....

Well I got some time to get some hobby done this weekend, moved forward on my ACW cavalry and mounted officer. I have also assembled my plastic Shermans and cleaned up my Skytrex order.

Later on I am playing Tomorrow's War with my 40k Chaos Marines, I'll pop some photos up tomorrow, the scenario can be found here on Steve's blog.

I have a game of Malifaux in the pipline for next weekend, need to paint those Witchling Stalkers so I can play Guild.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Deeping Wall fell ......

We got the LOTR figures out today for a game over at Total Wargamer, a Deeping Wall refight with what figures we had available.

Constrained as we were by time we didn't see the Rohirimm arrive though Good managed to hold off for many turns until the ladders went up and wall was blown up. In truth we had to rely on volley archery to reduce the numbers of the advancing Uruks, which we were never going to achieve.

Was good to get the figures out again. Still plenty to paint in the box.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Abaddon's Black Legion

I remember buying the first edition of 40K from the Birmingham branch of GW, then in the Palisades shopping centre, it's moved four times since. In those heady days we were encouraged to make our chapters and design our own vehicles from plastic bottles found around the house. And there was squats!

To put things in to perspective, the first plastic space marine box set, which contained 30 figures, was only £9.99 whilst for the same price you could have three rhino kits in one box.

Since then 40K has moved in two directions at once. The game which seems to appeal to the younger side of GW's target demographic, whilst it's fiction creates a rich background. I am not a fan of the current ruleset, but the release of Tomorrow's War gives an opportunity to play the game.

All these figures were bought second hand on eBay, repainted quickly in the Black Legion scheme, basically black with silver and gold trim.

Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour

Terminator Squad

Marine Squad #1

Marine Squad #2

Marine Squad #3


More Havocs


This is around 1500 points in the current rule set, though pretty sure not an effective army list as it contains no vehicles, I am still keeping an eye on ebay for these. After the weekend I will post up my thoughts on using Tomorrow's War for 40K.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Xmas painting part 3

Going to be time to go back to work soon, managed some more painting today;

Here is the completed claim markers for Malifaux, a nice quick and simple job.

Next up is a collection of Chaos Space Marines, all of these models except the character in Terminator armour where second hand from eBay and I have over-painted them. I remember 40K coming out way back when, I only ever played 1st Edition (Rogue Trader) but managed to paint Blood Angels some years ago.

I have read many of the novels and seen the passable movie, alas the game does not represent Marines well. Being superhuman in the books, in the game they are only marginally better than the other races - but Space Marines sell so they need them to be needed in quantity.

Later this month at our club we are going to attempt 40K using the Tomorrows War rules, if it doesn't work out - look out for them on eBay soonish.

So the force comprises;
  • Leader in Terminator Armour
  • 5 Terminators
  • 3 Squads of Chaos Marines (8, 10 & 10)
  • 5 Havocs
  • 7 Possessed
Realistically I could do we a few more rank and file, no more than half a dozen or so but I'm not too sure I want to chuck more cash at eBay for a game I might not play more than once. We'll see, there might be a bargain about.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year, New Project!

Well it's 2012 and that means a new project to start, I have plans to get the first part of this project complete by Easter, this does load most of the effort in to the last 4 weeks so we shall see how we get on.

I am building a force of late WW2 Americans, in 15mm to use with IABSM 3. The rather vague plan has me building some Shermans first from the PSC kits, then the rest of the kits will arrive courtesy of the Skytrex 20% off sale. At the WMMS show in March I hope to pick up the infantry.

I am still a little up in the air regarding basing, having no suitable figures in the house I made do with some Peter Pig Mahdists, my options are two figures on 20mm square, two figures on 25mm square or (like Stu) three figures on the small Flames of War style base. Here's a photo to show what I mean;

I am leaning to a combination of options two and three. Making up a section with two three man bases and two, two man bases. Bases will be thin MDF from the excellent warbases.co.uk.

I was quite pleased with the way the first Sherman went together, I took it slowly, cleaning up the parts as I cut them from the sprue and used them. Used a little 'Mr Surfacer' on the turrets and some release pin marks on the fenders, this is a nice product that comes in a variety of grades of thickness, mine is quite fine (500) compared to something like 'Liquid Green Stuff' but has a further two grades even finer (1000 and 1200).

The tracks are not glued on yet, I will paint them separately and pop them on afterwards, I am also thinking of up armouring some of these to make them look a bit different, perhaps with logs down the sides, still thinking of how to do that for now.

Finally I threw together a couple of Claim markers for Malifaux, just a length of bamboo skewer, plastic card, 30mm MDF circles and some rocky scatter. Will do some more on these tomorrow.

Well that's not too bad a start for 2012.