Friday, 16 December 2011

Plans for 2012

With Xmas and the New Year rapidly approaching, I have been giving thoughts to next years projects, including finishing off this years painting.

Over the Xmas break I shall be painting up the Guild figures I have for Malifaux and finishing the 'Garden of Morr', this should give me more options for Malifaux and some usable terrain. I really want to make a portable board for this and Saga, I have some ideas in that direction.

Unusually I had issues with both these box sets, the Sonnia box had two matching Witchlings, which doesn't bother me but the Perdita box had two Santiagos and no Nino, an email to Wryd got me a replacement model without any issues.

With Feb's all day game having an ACW theme, I have some mounted and dismounted figures to paint along with some mounted generals. Just need to track down a scenario. I want to find something that will suit four to six players within the restrictions of the figures we have.

This weekend, weather permitting will see us trying out 'I Ain't Been Shot Mum', if all goes well, and I think I might then I shall be collecting a US force. Beginning with the armour, Jan/Feb will be anti-gun guns and tows, March I will hopefully pick the Infantry up at WMMS.

I have probably spend too much time deliberating over the choice of miniatures, my choice came down to Peter Pig or Skytrex, although there is more poses in the Skytrex range the Peter Pig figures are going to be much easier to paint, although there are bargains to be had in the Skytrex range. Armour has been easier where possible I shall be using the plastic kits from The Plastic Soldier Company, five tanks for £16.50 or less online is a bargain.

Will post our thoughts after tomorrows run through of the rules.

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Stuart S said...

So did you finish the targets you set yourself for 2011?