Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Help Rescue The Prince!

Here's the poster I put together yesterday for our club.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Xmas painting part 2

These are nearly done, just want to touch up the flesh tomorrow. Will pop some tufts on once varnished.

I also took the opportunity whilst some paint was drying to knock up a poster for our wargames club and finish off some counters for Malifaux.

These represent Book and Evidence tokens which are used in scenarios in Malifaux, just some circles cut from textured plastic card and the parts on top are from the GW Flagellants boxed set, bought from a 'bits' dealer.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Xmas painting so far - Xmas Eve

Malifaux guild crews so far.

Merry Xmas!

It's Christmas Eve, I am on a nice break from from work and I hope to get some gaming and painting in as I mentioned last time.

We had our trial game of IABSM, all went well and we are looking forward to trying armour and artillery in the new year, I called in to Total Wargamer and bought a box of the Plastic Soldier Company Shermans, I bought the 76mm Box but I think the sprues are identical.

Skytrex have also announced a sale of the holiday so I shall pop over there and get some Anti-Guns guns, M10 Tank Destroyers and Jeeps. I should really get some prime movers for the guns but I am going to wait for the plastic half tracks until then I shall use the Jeeps even if that aren't quite right.

Merry Xmas all.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Plans for 2012

With Xmas and the New Year rapidly approaching, I have been giving thoughts to next years projects, including finishing off this years painting.

Over the Xmas break I shall be painting up the Guild figures I have for Malifaux and finishing the 'Garden of Morr', this should give me more options for Malifaux and some usable terrain. I really want to make a portable board for this and Saga, I have some ideas in that direction.

Unusually I had issues with both these box sets, the Sonnia box had two matching Witchlings, which doesn't bother me but the Perdita box had two Santiagos and no Nino, an email to Wryd got me a replacement model without any issues.

With Feb's all day game having an ACW theme, I have some mounted and dismounted figures to paint along with some mounted generals. Just need to track down a scenario. I want to find something that will suit four to six players within the restrictions of the figures we have.

This weekend, weather permitting will see us trying out 'I Ain't Been Shot Mum', if all goes well, and I think I might then I shall be collecting a US force. Beginning with the armour, Jan/Feb will be anti-gun guns and tows, March I will hopefully pick the Infantry up at WMMS.

I have probably spend too much time deliberating over the choice of miniatures, my choice came down to Peter Pig or Skytrex, although there is more poses in the Skytrex range the Peter Pig figures are going to be much easier to paint, although there are bargains to be had in the Skytrex range. Armour has been easier where possible I shall be using the plastic kits from The Plastic Soldier Company, five tanks for £16.50 or less online is a bargain.

Will post our thoughts after tomorrows run through of the rules.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

More Saga

Played Saga again at the weekend, introducing another new player and gave the Vikings their first outing.

As always, I spend the afternoon watching telly when I should be reading the rulebook, so a quick bit of revision was needed during play, again a fun game with the advantage shifting back and forth. In the end both warlords were slain leaving only two warriors on each side. On realising they were the only survivors they decided discretion was the best part of valour and each retired.

Next time should be the first outing for IABSM3, I have no miniatures for this game, next year perhaps WMMS in March should see me buying some US infantry. Meanwhile in the Lard Xmas special, additional rules for playing in 6mm are being published.

We have also decided on doing a big ACW game at our next all day game in February, I am currently looking through scenarios for something suitable.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Blooming Eck it will be crimbo before we know it!

I have managed to be a bit lax with both my painting and posting lately, I blame Winter .... and work. So gaming wise the fantasy campaign came to a close with a Orc and Goblin win and I still didn't bring the High Elves to the table.

On the painting table I am still working on my small band of Vikings, as they are seeing the table on Sunday I shall have to pull my finger my out.

Sundays gaming last week so a couple of us play a new WW2 ruleset, not sure it hit all the right buttons for me, so I shall continue looking. At least I beat Steve as revenge for the Firestorm game. The lights in the village hall aren't too good with the phone camera but you can see Steve's great foamcore houses.

On the next table our forthcoming participation was being trialled, based on the "Death of the Prince Imperial" incident from the Anglo-Zulu wars, players try to protect the heir to the throne of Napoleon. This game is being staged at Minicon 2012 in January, a new nearby miniatures event.

Last weekend also found me in Birmingham, in the middle of the German market, which was hell, luckily respite was found in the shape of the Ian Allen bookshop where I bought the new version of "I Aint Been Shot Mum" from Toofatlardies. Looks like fun, next year might find me quickly painting up some Brits or US after WMMS in March.

Right off to sort out these Vikings.