Thursday, 3 November 2011

Three way Malifaux

Met us last weekend for a game of Malifaux, as there was three of us we decided on a three way game with a shared strategy 'distract'. I played with Nicodem and took Bete Noire.

Dave took Sonia and Luke had Ramos, Dave and Luke clashed early on whilst I tried to move my slow crew towards Dave's corner. In error I started using my crew to dig up corpse counters, which was removed when the Rules Manual came out, that didn't help me. Even though Dave lost most of his models he followed Luke in to 2nd place and I scraped 3rd. So close, one day I will win a game of Malifaux.

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Kahuna said...

I wish i had taken a pic of your face when the Executioner removed your horde of zombies