Monday, 7 November 2011


"Right you lot, I want you outside in 10 minutes in full public order gear", "Sarge, can we arrest zombies?". "We are not arresting anyone Constable, the undead are out of our remit, we are to contain a perimeter which we will collapse once the helicopter arrives, its all standard drill."

In an overdue Halloween game, we found ourselves having to rescue some missing scientists, lost in the town. Chris and I were "the thin blue line", Mark played the hazmat rescue team, whilst Steve and Dean played the comedy element as Bikers and Gangsters respectively.

Below can be seen the table, the police station is in the top right hand corner of the table.

The police muster outside, with shields and batons ready.

Moving out to expand the perimeter.

To the bikers and gangsters, finding the scientists could get them a space on the last helicopter out of town.

Watching any of the zombie films or the walking dead should teach us one thing, zombies are attracting to sound and guns are very loud. Steve and Dean please take notes.

Zombie Drill. Knock them down with the shield and take them out with the baton.

Zombie being attracted by the sound of gunfire as bikers and gangsters shoot at each other after the scientists are found. The hazmat team move down the table to secure the scientists before they get shot or eaten.

The few zombies that appeared were dealt with, without a single shot being fired, classic public order policing.

Bikers and Gangsters face off.

Now it gets messy, too many zombies. What's for lunch?

Biker, it seems!

The scientists are slowly moving back to the landing pad as the helicopter is heard approaching, the police collapse their perimeter.

Alas we had no model helicopter this time, I drew one and we loaded up just in time. Lets hope those scientists have some useful information.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Three way Malifaux

Met us last weekend for a game of Malifaux, as there was three of us we decided on a three way game with a shared strategy 'distract'. I played with Nicodem and took Bete Noire.

Dave took Sonia and Luke had Ramos, Dave and Luke clashed early on whilst I tried to move my slow crew towards Dave's corner. In error I started using my crew to dig up corpse counters, which was removed when the Rules Manual came out, that didn't help me. Even though Dave lost most of his models he followed Luke in to 2nd place and I scraped 3rd. So close, one day I will win a game of Malifaux.