Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Head of Steam

The next game in our Warhammer campaign saw my Warriors of Chaos come up against Empire, Jim's army is fantastically painted and is gorgeous and a pleasure to play against. I did not know what to expect never having played Empire - I had a feeling they had a bunch of anti chaos toys.

The scenario was meeting engagement, my Hellcannon missed the deployment but would still be in a good position when it comes on to the table. Jim had several units kept of table which would prove more of a problem for him.

I'm not going to go in to a blow by blow account, I made a couple of mistakes, I should have either ignored the steam tank or not charged both units of knights against it. I could then have threatened the artillery which are the real threat in this army.

The game was close which wasn't reflected in the massacre result. My undoing was 'Van Horstman's Speculum' losing me a key melee phase. Well I can still take pleasure in destroying a Steam Tank and watching both Empire wizards dimensionally cascading.

Next weekend I am playing Firestorm Armada so I have tug the sorylian fleet out to finish them off this week then back to the vikings.

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