Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I picked my copy of Saga last week, kept it to myself as the release date isn't until Monday but as the pre-orders are being shipped I thought I would share my thoughts so far.

As you can see I have the Norman and Viking dice sets, the rules are printed on thick glossy paper whilst the covers and battle boards are on thicker card stock. After a summer of big hardbacked rule sets these come as a centre stapled book which will certainly last longer than the 'perfect bound' style which seem to shed pages.

The book contains many photos and diagrams to aid with understanding the rules as well as adding period colour, the page corners have shield designs with the numbers in from the LBMS transfer range.

On my first skim through I picked up odd details here and there, at first glance it did look simplistic but then when I actually started to read the rules I picked up on the fatigue system and the battle boards. If any units take more than one action in a turn they gain fatigue and what is interesting is that your opponent can spend these fatigue points to slow down your movement or give themselves an advantage in melee, for example.

Each turn you throw your Saga dice, the number in part determined by the size of your warband. The dice are then spent to activate your units or special Saga abilities. The special abilities are paid for with your dice, but you can keep them for use in a future turn, hanging over your opponent.

I shall be reading through these a number of times before I play them in a couple of weeks time, I have Vikings to paint and my Normans are ready and waiting, then I shall share some thoughts on game play. If I have one criticism it is the price which apparently is down to the battle boards but ultimately if this ends up as a regularly played game then I will have value for my money.

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