Monday, 5 September 2011

Battle of Cook's Hill

The correspondent of the Chicago Times, writing from the Corps headquarters says "Yesterday saw men of I company of the 76th New York, engage and drive off Confederate forces. The Courtland Regiment had been pursuing the rebels since their last foraging expedition.

Captain Cook had split his forces between the two corn fields using them for cover, whilst sending a small patrol through the wooded area towards the hill and the turnpike, whilst the small cavalry moved around the right flank to get to the turnpike junction.

Lt Cochrane and Sgt Clark were the first to encounter the enemy coming under musketry before they were able gain the cover off the cornfield. Sgt Clark sustained the first of his several light wounds of that day.

Captain Cook and Lt Blodgett found their cornfield harder going, whilst Sgt Burnham worked around the right flank to get to the junction of the turnpike.

Whilst Cochrane and Clark came under continued fire from the wooded hill infront of them, the small central patrol got to the dead area infront of the main hill. Cook believed that he would find his enemny in the sunken road behind this hill but before he was able to discover this Rebels poured through the fences cresting the hill.

Finding themselves caught between two Federal forces the rebels split themselves in two, intending to drive off Cochrane then to turn and defeat Cook. Cook began to manuever his forces in to a firing line and on the left flank, rebel cavalry appeared.

Much has been made of the rebels cavalry, raiding along the front line, firing pistols and shotguns and riding off. This time they seemed determined to attack in the old European style with the sabre. They were repulsed with casualties before they were able to make contact.

Opposite Cook the rebels fired first, Cook was wounded but his men pulled him to safety and in his memory fired a tremendous volley which tore through their target, which wavered and then retreated. Burnham with his cavalry lept the fences and quickly dismounted to form a skirmish line.

Cochrane having beat off cavalry now came under fire from the rebel infantry, but concious of the formed infantry in their flank they had no choice but to concede the field to the Federal forces.

Federal casualties including Captain Cook being seriously wounded and Sgt Clark suffering numerous light wounds were five further lightly wounded, three seriously wounded and regrettably four dead.

To commemorate the bravery of Captain Cook it was decided to rename the hill they had just fought over as Cook's Hill."

With the return of wounded models and reinforcements the 76th will be up to 73 rank and file models. Cook will not be present at the next engagement due to his recuperation from his wounds ( I need to roll a six after that game for his return), Clark was patched up and will return in the next game.

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Next time we will be victorious. Enjoy the show tomorrow. Stu