Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekend of Gaming

This weekend we had a bunch of us get together at Total Wargamer for a day of Malifaux. I got two games in, the first against Guild and the second against Neverborn, these were the first games using the Nicodem crew and only my second time playing Malifaux and yes I lost both.

There are still plenty of things for me to remember, not only the rules but the abilities of the characters, I am sure I will get there soon, I will take kudos in that my crew was painted.

I did pick up the Seamus crew, all the figures are useful with my existing models. I have got them cleaned up and ready for undercoating.

I am using a pack of Army Painter resin body parts to add to my corpse counter collection, these could also be used as 'body parts' counters if needed. Will have to paint some gory bases this week.

I have another game tonight, this time 28mm Sci-fi using my Neo-Sovs and a game of Warhammer scheduled for Tuesday night. It's a hard life .........

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