Friday, 19 August 2011

Tonights the Knight!

Last weeks game of Warhammer didn't go as planned. A WoC matchup left me badly beaten, my own fault, short on time I reused an old list without giving it too much thought and I paid the price. This week due to the other campaign matchups I found my self facing the same opponent.

This week I decided to go quality over quantity, Knights had caused much of my pain last time so I took a couple of units, some warriors, a marauder horde and a hellcannon along with my characters. Effectively four units and a cannon - a pretty small army.

Steve's army was broadly similar, less magic and an extra unit of Chaos Warriors, the scenario was battle lines, and I got to go second.

We had both set up on the twelve inch line, the gap between the armies was only twenty four inches. Steve began to move things up, carefully measuring. A little magic sparked between the armies causing first blood to Steve. On my turn my magic advantage began to worry Steve along with the Hellcannon dropping templates on to his Warriors.

After a little brinkmanship, Steve decided that he needed to act and he released his Knights of Khorne, unfortunately they failed their charge, which in turn let them to being charged by my Knights and Exalted Champion. On the other flank my Knights of Nurgle charged contacted the Knights opposing them.

Winning strongly on my left, Steve's Knights break and I follow but not manage to catch them in the pursuit. On the other flank my magic banner "Festering Shroud" proves to be pointless as my opponents were also Knights of Nurgle. I roll my attacks, cause no wounds, Steve rolls and amazingly although outnumbering me, causes no hits too. I win the combat because I charged, Steve fails the break test, I pursue and run him down.

Steve's next turn saw him charging his foot units forward to hit my marauders and warriors, outnumbered the marauders complete with my general are broken and run down, the warriors are more resilient and defeat their chargers.Steve's marauders turn to face off against the hellcannon, the remaining warriors charge my warriors breaking them but do not pursue.

My Knights return, charging in taking casualties but holding up the warriors long enough for the other Knights to get a rear charge. The Hellcannon holds the Marauders up eventually beating and destroying them. Steve's remaining wizard destroys the remnants of my warriors before my Exalted Hero sqaushes him. His general flees but I am unable to catch him.

The game ends at that point, working out the points, a solid victory to me.

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