Monday, 22 August 2011

Size Matters!

Called in to Total Wargamer this afternoon, I had missed the Mantic visit on Saturday but they had left their 3-up copy of Dwarf King's Hold. The 3-ups are resin copies of the original masters, fit in the hand well with a nice weight and are a great advert for the production miniatures.

The box contains the tiles that make up the dungeon, a couple of sprues of skeletons and half a dozen dwarfs. The rules contain six scenarios which should give some extended playability. So is this value for money? The retail price is £35 but a quick look on the web finds it for less than £30 with the miniatures and scenarios should give at least half dozen gaming sessions before you have to repeat things, simple enough for the non gamer in the family, so I say yes.

The game was fun, I won the game I played and as Ade has bought a copy will look forward to playing the scenarios.

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