Monday, 29 August 2011

Getting set for Saga

Saga will soon be released and seeing that the next issue of Wargames Illustrated has a Saga feature led me to give my Dark Age collection a quick once over. As part of the various offers Gripping Beast have on their website, they show sample armies for the four armies featured. So looking at these armies, here's what I will have for the Normans.

This is a basic 4 point army, with two units of four milites, eight crossbowmen, twelve archers and the leader.

Swapping the mounted milites for their foot versions, would look like this.

As an alternative, unarmoured spearmen could be added.

I was told mounted troops cost no more than their dismounted versions but come with their own obvious disadvantages - they run away faster!

I have been thinking off getting a second army, checking the lead mountain I have found enough figures to do a Viking force, just need to clear the current projects, get some shields and a suitable Warlord figure.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Today's painting

Typically I haven't managed to get all the painting done I wanted to this week, but here are some bits that have been kicking around for a bit wanting some attention.

Mordhiem dogs, lost in the garage for a couple of years. Got them mounted on some round bases for use in Malifaux and zombies games.

Heresy Ghouls also based to match recent painting, these might get used as mindless zombies.

Photos taken quickly on camera phone which is why the photos are a bit off, must schedule a proper photo day and get the tripod and light box out.

The 76th march on

Following a break in the campaign season, the 76th New York will once again take to the table. After their first meeting with the rebels they lost four dead, suffered two badly wounded and a further two lightly wounded.

In their last engagement, they only brought 74 models to the table, having to wait until after the game for the return of the two badly wounded models. Unfortunately they suffered another four dead and 2 badly wounded.

Next weekend I will have only seventy models to bring to the table, but they are now 'tested', are no longer poor shots and after the game I get eight reinforcements plus the return of two wounded.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Seamus - The Red Chapel Gang

This weeks focus has been on moving some projects forward, today I have painted another crew box for Malifaux, this time 'The Red Chapel Gang'.

Again I had fun painting these, used some colours that don't see the light of day to often like tentacle pink and ice blue. I have also finished some more markers which could be corpse counters or body parts as needed. Just finishing some Heresy ghouls which I shall use as zombies, just some finishing off and basing to go on those.

Later this week I would to finish the Zulu War British, my Dystopian Wars Prussian fleet and perhaps even my Sorylian fleet for Firestorm Armada.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Size Matters!

Called in to Total Wargamer this afternoon, I had missed the Mantic visit on Saturday but they had left their 3-up copy of Dwarf King's Hold. The 3-ups are resin copies of the original masters, fit in the hand well with a nice weight and are a great advert for the production miniatures.

The box contains the tiles that make up the dungeon, a couple of sprues of skeletons and half a dozen dwarfs. The rules contain six scenarios which should give some extended playability. So is this value for money? The retail price is £35 but a quick look on the web finds it for less than £30 with the miniatures and scenarios should give at least half dozen gaming sessions before you have to repeat things, simple enough for the non gamer in the family, so I say yes.

The game was fun, I won the game I played and as Ade has bought a copy will look forward to playing the scenarios.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Tonights the Knight!

Last weeks game of Warhammer didn't go as planned. A WoC matchup left me badly beaten, my own fault, short on time I reused an old list without giving it too much thought and I paid the price. This week due to the other campaign matchups I found my self facing the same opponent.

This week I decided to go quality over quantity, Knights had caused much of my pain last time so I took a couple of units, some warriors, a marauder horde and a hellcannon along with my characters. Effectively four units and a cannon - a pretty small army.

Steve's army was broadly similar, less magic and an extra unit of Chaos Warriors, the scenario was battle lines, and I got to go second.

We had both set up on the twelve inch line, the gap between the armies was only twenty four inches. Steve began to move things up, carefully measuring. A little magic sparked between the armies causing first blood to Steve. On my turn my magic advantage began to worry Steve along with the Hellcannon dropping templates on to his Warriors.

After a little brinkmanship, Steve decided that he needed to act and he released his Knights of Khorne, unfortunately they failed their charge, which in turn let them to being charged by my Knights and Exalted Champion. On the other flank my Knights of Nurgle charged contacted the Knights opposing them.

Winning strongly on my left, Steve's Knights break and I follow but not manage to catch them in the pursuit. On the other flank my magic banner "Festering Shroud" proves to be pointless as my opponents were also Knights of Nurgle. I roll my attacks, cause no wounds, Steve rolls and amazingly although outnumbering me, causes no hits too. I win the combat because I charged, Steve fails the break test, I pursue and run him down.

Steve's next turn saw him charging his foot units forward to hit my marauders and warriors, outnumbered the marauders complete with my general are broken and run down, the warriors are more resilient and defeat their chargers.Steve's marauders turn to face off against the hellcannon, the remaining warriors charge my warriors breaking them but do not pursue.

My Knights return, charging in taking casualties but holding up the warriors long enough for the other Knights to get a rear charge. The Hellcannon holds the Marauders up eventually beating and destroying them. Steve's remaining wizard destroys the remnants of my warriors before my Exalted Hero sqaushes him. His general flees but I am unable to catch him.

The game ends at that point, working out the points, a solid victory to me.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Weekend of Gaming Part 2

Played a game using the FAD system, which got my much underused Neo Soviets on the table, A battle report can be found on the club blog here.

I have a game of Warhammer scheduled for tomorrow, while the rest of the week should see me filling some joints on some Heresy Ghouls, undercoating them with the Seamus crew for Malifaux and carrying on with my last few Brits for the club all day game next month.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekend of Gaming

This weekend we had a bunch of us get together at Total Wargamer for a day of Malifaux. I got two games in, the first against Guild and the second against Neverborn, these were the first games using the Nicodem crew and only my second time playing Malifaux and yes I lost both.

There are still plenty of things for me to remember, not only the rules but the abilities of the characters, I am sure I will get there soon, I will take kudos in that my crew was painted.

I did pick up the Seamus crew, all the figures are useful with my existing models. I have got them cleaned up and ready for undercoating.

I am using a pack of Army Painter resin body parts to add to my corpse counter collection, these could also be used as 'body parts' counters if needed. Will have to paint some gory bases this week.

I have another game tonight, this time 28mm Sci-fi using my Neo-Sovs and a game of Warhammer scheduled for Tuesday night. It's a hard life .........