Sunday, 24 July 2011

Getting Sharper

Well last weekends game galvanised my modelling and painting, the need for more painted Napoleonic miniatures was obvious and as I already had some in the lead and plastic mountain I rolled up my sleeves and grabbed my swan-morton.

I bought a box of the Perry dragoons when the came out and assembled the foot figures and added a couple of easy conversions to make an officer and a trumpet player on foot. I have now assembled the cavalry as well as they are awaiting undercoat.

Now the figures have the post 1812 uniform with the shorter coat tails, but I am not that bothered and I certainly won't lose any sleep over it, particularly as no one make foot dragoons with the quality and variety I want.

I have been making a box of Victrix French, sixty figures for £20 or less is a bargain, but boy do they take ages to build, I am only three quarters through the box but the variety is good.

Wargames Foundry recent 20% off sale brought their prices down to near reasonable levels, but it did mean I got some more dismounted ACW cavalry as well as some Napoleonic Sailors and Marines. Brigade Games has a small package on route to me with some other goodies.

The icing on the game was finding a Sharp book I hadn't read on the bookshelf and another three I didn't own.

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