Sunday, 31 July 2011

Too many irons in the fire!

I had to tidy my office in the week and whilst tidying my hobby stuff I realised that I had too many things on the go at the moment. Now I am not talking about stuff in the lead mountain but stuff that was out and on the painting table.

So my current projects seem to be;
  • 28mm ACW
  • 28mm Napoleonics
  • Warriors of Chaos for Warhammer
  • British Infantry for Anglo-Zulu War
  • Dystopian Wars Prussians
  • Firestorm Armada Sorylians
  • Malifaux Resurrectionists
Of those the last three are pretty small so this weekend I decided to spend some time and knock one off the list, with the prospect of playing Malifaux next weekend, they got my attention.

So far I have the Nicodem box set and the Mindless Zombies blister, bases are Fenris Games' city ruin base toppers.The thing I did notice when I prepared these minis is that Wyrd don't have in house sculpters but use a selection of freelancers, this I imagine might effect the consistent appearance of the figures.

The best example of this is the 'Punk Zombies'. I found the castings rather flat and thin, I am not sure if this was how they were cast or, as I have seen before, an over zealous mould maker who manages to squash the masters. Once assembled and painted, it is not so apparent.

Mindless Zombies.

Next up 'Punk Zombies'.

Mortimer and Nicodem.

The whole 'crew' so far.

Next up I shall finish the 16 British Infantry for the Zulu Wars, these will play their part in the all day game in September.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Getting Sharper

Well last weekends game galvanised my modelling and painting, the need for more painted Napoleonic miniatures was obvious and as I already had some in the lead and plastic mountain I rolled up my sleeves and grabbed my swan-morton.

I bought a box of the Perry dragoons when the came out and assembled the foot figures and added a couple of easy conversions to make an officer and a trumpet player on foot. I have now assembled the cavalry as well as they are awaiting undercoat.

Now the figures have the post 1812 uniform with the shorter coat tails, but I am not that bothered and I certainly won't lose any sleep over it, particularly as no one make foot dragoons with the quality and variety I want.

I have been making a box of Victrix French, sixty figures for £20 or less is a bargain, but boy do they take ages to build, I am only three quarters through the box but the variety is good.

Wargames Foundry recent 20% off sale brought their prices down to near reasonable levels, but it did mean I got some more dismounted ACW cavalry as well as some Napoleonic Sailors and Marines. Brigade Games has a small package on route to me with some other goodies.

The icing on the game was finding a Sharp book I hadn't read on the bookshelf and another three I didn't own.

Monday, 18 July 2011

A sunny afternoon in Spain, a rainy weekend in the UK.

A number of cancellations this weekend had let us without a game for Sunday evening. A lack of Napoleonic miniatures had kept us from the original Sharp Practice although we play plenty of TSS, the ACW variant and our own Zulu variant.

We found we could scrape together about eight groups plus big men so thought we would give it a go, if nothing else it might motivate us to paint so more!

Dodgy photos are courtesy of my phone, hence the poor colour balance. Figures are Victrix, Foundry and Front Rank. Buildings are from Snapdragon, Italeri and Grand Manner. Rules are of course Sharp Practice by Too Fat Lardies.

The table saw the church at one end of the table with a few more buildings on the flank, a sail-less windmill dominated a small ridge. A small wooded hill dominated the other flank.

All the forces started the game on blinds, the French moved a blind down each of the tracks whilst their third blind took a position behind the ridge. The British advanced two groups centrally in to the centre of the village, the third group moved through the wooded hill.

The second turn brought the French off their blinds, revealing the left most blind as empty. They then used their actions to spot the British. The blinds in the village centre revealed three groups of foot whilst the group on the right were revealed as riflemen.

French skirmishers supporting a group of French line.

The feared British riflemen took aim on their prey, their officer called forward the chosen man to thin out the French officers, alas he has used his supply of finely milled powder to provide them with yesterdays rabbit supper.

The British line form themselves in to a formidable three group formation, the French groups form in to a formation behind the ridge.

In order to cover their flank the British commander orders the end group to wheel against the French to protect the flank of the others, after losing a man insensible to drink, they open fire on the French to their front. The longer range of the riflemen is having a telling effect on the flank doing useful work against their opposite numbers.

The French on the ridge decided to advance and wheel against the lone British group getting a partial enfilade, the volley tore through them and forced them backwards. The British commander advanced and fired a volley in to the French formation causing casualties and inflicting shock points.

The riflemen continued their fire on the lone French group causing sufficient shock to force it to withdraw. Timing know was everything, the opposing formations where now both unloaded, the senior British big man card came up first and they had "Now Maitland, now's your time!"

Ordering a charge and using a 'Grasp the Nettle' card to add fervour the British charged with the cold steel. In close rounds of fisticuffs the French groups were pushed back and routed.

A great game with a reasonable believable result which felt right to us. In retrospect we should have either added another group of French or improved their quality to Good. More games to come once the paint is dry on more miniatures.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Henshaw saves the day!

Just back from an excellent club night, a 28mm Anglo-Zulu war game using Sharp Practice, thankfully a victory for the British. A battle report will appears on the club blog.