Sunday, 12 June 2011

Is it summer yet?

Well here we are in the UK having a wet weekend, isn't it supposed to be summer? Well at least I am able to have a 'hobby day' today without feeling I should be out doing something or mowing the lawn.

First up I have finally finished making the Wargames Factory Numidians, a plastic set which is great for making all manner of ancient light infantry. I have deliberately not used any helmeted head to make them less like formal troops.

I also made eight without any weapons at all, scraped off their cross belt from across the chest in order to make unarmoured figures, hopefully the open hands won't be too obvious once painted.

Finally after last weekends introduction to Malifaux, here are my first first three Wyrd figures. As Malifaux is very much a skirmish game with a low figure count, I wanted the figures and the bases to be as good as I could make them. The starter sets contain on average 5 figures, which is enough for a game.

I had some resin bases from Fenris Games tucked away, I fancied using some of these but was wary as I would have to cut the slot tabs of the figures and drill out the legs for pins. Not something I was looking forward to doing. In the end I decided to trim the tab to make the pin itself, the bases are very easy to work with, ten seconds with the pinvice and another few seconds with a needle file and the job was done. A tab of superglue and then glued the resin to the plastic base.

This is something the figures might look like once they are painted. I have some other figures I can use with these from Heresy miniatures, those are on the work table being pinned and glued before undercoating.

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