Sunday, 1 May 2011

Warriors of Chaos - trainer wheels screwed on!

Well, with the potential points value of my army approaching 3000 points, I was thinking it was going to be time to start hitting the books. Not playing since 6th edition I was out of date with the current mechanisms and various special rules in the army book.

Clearly Ade had other ideas, not wanting to be stuck in front of the TV on the Royal Wedding Day he challenged me to a 2000 point game on one of the tables at the Total Wargamer shop. We made it clear that we were just going to have a bit a fun so I could get my head around what things did - I went home that night and started writing a list on Army Builder and tried to skim rules I was unsure of. Luckily for me, my resin movement trays turned up from Terrain Warehouse that day.

Well I took two units of chaos warriors, 2 hordes of marauders, the hellcannon and some heroes. I was unsure of the hellcannon would do or if the marauders would stand in combat. Magic was another quandary not knowing which Lore I went for Fire to see how things went. I still have to see how Cavalry and giants will fit in to the army but that will be for another day.

So I've learned that magic makes a big difference, Black Orcs hurt, Marauders are pretty good and I will always take hounds as meatshields if I am facing goblin fanatics. I still have the marauder horse to paint, like some ogres and trolls, and not forgetting I will need to scratch build a warshine.

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