Saturday, 21 May 2011

Chaos comes to town .....

I have played three games with my still growing chaos army for Warhammer Fantasy and we are starting a local campaign soon, nothing too serious just something to hang game narrative on. I am one of 2 chaos players out of 7 total.

I am still trying out things with the army, I haven't yet played with the knights, giant or my spawn. The marauder horse are still in the painting queue. I still have yet to add chariots or a warshrine to the collection. I had another 2000 point game last week against Orcs and Goblins, playing with lots of warriors and marauders, hounds, two sorcerers and a battle standard bearer.

Lining up against each other. Yes that's an Arachnarok spider on the flank.

Shortly before the picture was taken the general was sucked down with 'Cloying quagmire' causing the whole army to rely on their own leadership for the rest of the game.

Here's a unit of Goblin Archers which having failed it's animosity test charged forward.

Hounds move in to block the 'Mangler Squiq' and in turn are charged by the Squig herd which in turn kills most of the hounds. It is thing charged by two warrior units and completely destroyed. The spider charges in later, kills some of the marauders but then falls victim to 'Cloying Quagmire' and it's weight pulls in down in to the mud.

More Warhammer soon.

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