Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Minas Tirith debut

As I have mentioned before the LOTR strategy battle game is very cheap to get to, the figures are very available at great prices on eBay. I painted up 500 points of Minas Tirith warriors, lots of armour meant a real quick paint job.

As they hadn't seen a game yet I thought it was about time, as I hadn't played for a couple of years we didn't bother with a scenario - just a straight up battle. Dane forgot his trolls! Doh! He added in some goblin models to proxy for more orcs to make up for it.

The table was quite straight forward, some trees, cork as rocky outcrops and ruins from Eslo and GW provide the cover. We played across the short edges of the table, dicing for sides.

Straight away I realise I had made errors putting my models out, the archers which should be anchoring the flank are in the middle and I failed to combine my spear and sword armed units. The sword armed warriors would get no rear support.

I move up the warriors and knights, beginning the process of moving the spear unit.

Dane moves his orcs and I continue to move the warriors up, taking the archers into the woods.

The archers begin to take advantage of their longer range to start shooting the orcs. The warriors move up, whilst the knights are a little to close to the orc archers which have been shooting at them.

Getting ready for the charge!

Off camera, I have lost the initiative and suffer the indignity of having my knights charged by orc archers robbing me of my attack bonus. Luckily the heavy armour plays it part and the orcs do no damage and find once I have the opportunity I charge in and scatter them back.

 We continue to skirmish, fighting through the door way on the Osigiliath ruins.

As the warriors and knights on the left tear holes in the orcs, to the right they come around the riun to fight the warriors and steward, both sides take casualties.

The orcs are finally below half strength and start taking courage tests, those failing find themselves being chased. The archers end up finding an orc hero, surrounding him. Dane uses his might points to defeat me and kill a couple, the following turn they all charge back in and hack him down.

Great fun.

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