Friday, 22 April 2011

Bank Holiday Painting .......

I had a target of finishing the main parts of my Warriors of Chaos army before the end of April. I have finished both mages and the giant today. Will varnish them tomorrow and add flock over the weekend.

Firstly is a sorcerer, this is the Games Day "Freebie", an excellent figure and shows well how much sculpting has come on since I started buying miniatures in the mid eighties.

Now one sorcerer in the army is not enough, I would probably like one of the ones on a flying disc but until then I found this figure on eBay. Kind of how people feel sorry for the sad looking mongrels at the dogs home, I felt sorry for this one. Very mid 90s sculpting style.

Lastly the plastic giant, the box comes with a lot of extras, I built this one as a chaos giant without too many bits to break off.

Another day of painting tomorrow, will concentrate on my ACW troops.

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MarkG said...

Giant!Cool! Top sorcerer is excellent! Still not going to me get back into WHFB.