Monday, 7 March 2011

More Warriors of Chaos

I have finished some more Warriors of Chaos, this brings me up to 1600 points and 2 characters. I am taking a short break to finish off some ACW figures for our "Terrible Sharp Sword" debut in a couple of weeks.

First up we have a Khornate Champion of Chaos, which I might use as an Exalted Hero.

Now an older figure that I picked up painted second hand, I have given it a touch up and a rebase.

Here's a few shots of the Hellcannon with Chaos Dwarf crew, I have added it to a base to increase its chances of being transported safely without either smashing itself or everything else.

Lastly, the current Knights of Chaos, these are great figure but they are big and as you can see here, they don't rank up easily. You could get away using these are mounted heroes on demonic steeds if you put them on 50mm bases.

I also have the chaos giant half painted, a great kit with loads of extras in the box which will add another 225 points to the army before long.

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