Sunday, 20 March 2011

Forward the 76th!

Tonight will see the début of my ACW forces in a game of Terrible Sharp Sword - the ACW supplement for Sharp Practice from Too Fat Lardies, we have played the rules before but with our Anglo Zulu War figures and a few amendments.

Here is the force so far, all figures are from Perry Miniatures, and the bases from Warbases. I have painted two boxes of infantry and a box of cavalry so far along with a couple of packs of dismounted cavalry and a householder. A third box of infantry, a pack of metal command and a cannon will complete this project bar a mounted officer to act as overall commander.

Here's the dismounted cavalry with the breach loading carbines and my homemade bamboo skewer fences.

TSS doesn't use flags as the game scale is quite small, I am adding standards so that in the future I could also use the figures in larger scale games like Black Powder.

A shot down the lines, all the bases hold 8 figures on penny sized bases.

Alas when I came to buy my horse holder pack, Dave Thomas was all out of the Union pack, so I bought a confederate pack instead and painted him blue, purists probably wouldn't but it didn't bother me.

My cavalry ready to charge forward.

And from the side. I have been looking forward to tonight's game for a while, should be fun and it might inspire others to paint some ACW up too.


Unknown said...

Again, fine detail work and accurate colors! Good luck in your battle.

Unknown said...

Fine painting and accurate colors!