Sunday, 27 March 2011

Clocks go forward .......

Well March is coming to an end and the clocks changed this morning, this of course gives some extra light for painting in an evening. I am aiming to get both the Warriors of Chaos army and the ACW figures finished by the end of the April. The ACW figures are based but remain in their black undercoat so I won't be tempted to use them in next weekends game!

Current focus is on the Marauders for my WoC army, these don't represent an actual unit but are the remainder of the figures. Some are armed with flails, hand weapons or great weapons. I hope to have had some good progress on these during the next week.

I have just blocked in the armour colour which will get dulled down with a black wash once the leggings etc are blocked in.

For a while now I have been looking for an alien race for 28mm Near Future type games, luckily for me Ade had a Tyranid boxed set he didn't need, which meant that I could get some cheapish bug types. I have some ideas for some games influenced by Ambush Alley.

I freely admit that I have a love/hate relationship with 40K, it was probably the first game I had proper painted forces for back in the days of Rogue Trader edition. I have read many of the novels particularly those by Dan Abnett, GW have created a fabulous history and range of characters.

Here's the sample models I painted up. We do seem to be in a 40K resurgence at the club and with Paul at Total Wargamer seemingly owning half a dozen armies, the profile is rising. I am not too sure about the rules, they do seem to be geared towards large games, I would prefer something on a more skirmish level where you can get a game with a squad box each.

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