Sunday, 27 March 2011

Clocks go forward .......

Well March is coming to an end and the clocks changed this morning, this of course gives some extra light for painting in an evening. I am aiming to get both the Warriors of Chaos army and the ACW figures finished by the end of the April. The ACW figures are based but remain in their black undercoat so I won't be tempted to use them in next weekends game!

Current focus is on the Marauders for my WoC army, these don't represent an actual unit but are the remainder of the figures. Some are armed with flails, hand weapons or great weapons. I hope to have had some good progress on these during the next week.

I have just blocked in the armour colour which will get dulled down with a black wash once the leggings etc are blocked in.

For a while now I have been looking for an alien race for 28mm Near Future type games, luckily for me Ade had a Tyranid boxed set he didn't need, which meant that I could get some cheapish bug types. I have some ideas for some games influenced by Ambush Alley.

I freely admit that I have a love/hate relationship with 40K, it was probably the first game I had proper painted forces for back in the days of Rogue Trader edition. I have read many of the novels particularly those by Dan Abnett, GW have created a fabulous history and range of characters.

Here's the sample models I painted up. We do seem to be in a 40K resurgence at the club and with Paul at Total Wargamer seemingly owning half a dozen armies, the profile is rising. I am not too sure about the rules, they do seem to be geared towards large games, I would prefer something on a more skirmish level where you can get a game with a squad box each.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Terrible Sharp Sword run through

At recent club we put together a run through of the Terrible Sharp Sword rules for ACW. We did make some mistakes with the rules which we have ironed out for the next club.

Initially all the troops were represented on blinds, Union by cards and the Confederates in terrain. In the photo below we see the Union troops spreading out whilst some head up the road towards the bridge.

 Confederate dismounted cavalry successfully spot advancing groups of Union troops and open fire from behind the cover of the tree line. They also manage to spot the advancing Zouaves forcing them off their blind.

Again the cavalry opened fire but disaster strikes as they roll more 1s than 6s causing a random event - in this case excess smoke builds up in front of the firer.

Union dismounted cavalry take advantage of their Sharps rifle to pore shots across the river towards their foe.

The union "big men" manage to combine groups and advance.

Confederate troops behind the tree line.

The Zoauves reach the bridge.

At this point we bring the game to a close, realising we all opened fire to soon, holding for the first volley is worth doing and shouldn't be frittered away firing at long range. We also made a really stupid error with the rules which is far too embarrassing to reveal, none the less we are playing again next club.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Forward the 76th!

Tonight will see the d├ębut of my ACW forces in a game of Terrible Sharp Sword - the ACW supplement for Sharp Practice from Too Fat Lardies, we have played the rules before but with our Anglo Zulu War figures and a few amendments.

Here is the force so far, all figures are from Perry Miniatures, and the bases from Warbases. I have painted two boxes of infantry and a box of cavalry so far along with a couple of packs of dismounted cavalry and a householder. A third box of infantry, a pack of metal command and a cannon will complete this project bar a mounted officer to act as overall commander.

Here's the dismounted cavalry with the breach loading carbines and my homemade bamboo skewer fences.

TSS doesn't use flags as the game scale is quite small, I am adding standards so that in the future I could also use the figures in larger scale games like Black Powder.

A shot down the lines, all the bases hold 8 figures on penny sized bases.

Alas when I came to buy my horse holder pack, Dave Thomas was all out of the Union pack, so I bought a confederate pack instead and painted him blue, purists probably wouldn't but it didn't bother me.

My cavalry ready to charge forward.

And from the side. I have been looking forward to tonight's game for a while, should be fun and it might inspire others to paint some ACW up too.

Monday, 7 March 2011

More Warriors of Chaos

I have finished some more Warriors of Chaos, this brings me up to 1600 points and 2 characters. I am taking a short break to finish off some ACW figures for our "Terrible Sharp Sword" debut in a couple of weeks.

First up we have a Khornate Champion of Chaos, which I might use as an Exalted Hero.

Now an older figure that I picked up painted second hand, I have given it a touch up and a rebase.

Here's a few shots of the Hellcannon with Chaos Dwarf crew, I have added it to a base to increase its chances of being transported safely without either smashing itself or everything else.

Lastly, the current Knights of Chaos, these are great figure but they are big and as you can see here, they don't rank up easily. You could get away using these are mounted heroes on demonic steeds if you put them on 50mm bases.

I also have the chaos giant half painted, a great kit with loads of extras in the box which will add another 225 points to the army before long.