Monday, 7 February 2011

February Rolls In

Well February is upon us and I am continuing to chip away at my old projects. On the painting table at the moment are some 6mm ACW figures and about half my huge pile of chaos marauders.

Last night I sat in on a game of Firestorm Armada, following the rules as the game progressed. I had been sitting on the fence for ages about this game but I enjoyed sitting in on the game and many of the ships are excellent.

There is more photos on both the club's and Steve's blogs. Including Steve's excellent star map.

Above is one of Steve's Aquans, an excellent paint job and very nice models. Once I had got back home I poured over the photos on the Spartan Games website, no one has the Terran ships as yet, the basic fleet is pretty good - reminiscent of the Imperial Ships from Star Wars. The problem then is the rest of the the ships, nice models but I just didn't like them enough to buy and paint them.

I have settled on the Sorylian Collective and found a cheap deal on ebay, they are currently incoming, should be a quick and easy paint shop before seeing the table.

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