Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dire Wolves are for life not just for Christmas!

I picked up some painted Dire Wolves at our last all day game, gave them a rebase and a little extra paint and stuck them in to the finished pile.

These might find use in a zombie or sci-fi game and if I can get away with it as more meatshields Chaos Hounds for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I have now moved on to finish a box of the enormous Knights of Chaos, these a large figures and don't quite rank up properly which I should have thought of whilst I was making them, it doesn't help that the 25mm wide bases, aren't.

Also got a big varnishing session done this afternoon which probably means I will spend much of this evening, in front of the telly flocking and tufting this lot.

That's 40 marauders, 31 warriors and 10 wolves. It might take me a few hours. Once the Knights are finished then next up are two wizards.

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Paul said...

Models are now flocked. A quick tot up gives me 1150 points of painted models so far.