Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Just a slight diversion

 I had to tidy up my office recently which put me in a mood to get some paint on some miniatures. Over the xmas break I did some basing on my LOTR Gondor forces and this looked like a quick win to start the year.

The force comprises 36 infantry, 6 Knights, a Hero and a King. Like all of my LOTR collection everything is second hand and much of it sourced from eBay. Prices can be very reasonable even for metal characters, just wait until the pieces you want come up at the right price. I have been stalking Knights for months.

Hopefully the army will be finished in about another week and I can start and get some games in. I have more infantry and characters stashed away.

Gaming recently has been more Memoir 44 and on Saturday we had an all-dayer Wild West game, a report can be found soon at http://eveshamwargames.blogspot.com/.

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