Monday, 3 January 2011

2011 - A preview

What's in store for 2011, well the new year is going to be about consolidation, finishing projects and moving things forward. I am not going to be naive and suggest that I won't be starting any new projects, that could change tomorrow with the release of a new range, rule set or inspirational movie or television programme.

So it might be appropriate to run through my current projects and where they might go in 2011, first up are those I am trying to make my priority.

Fantasy 28mm

I have managed to collect a large 'Warriors of Chaos' army, this is another priority for 2011, to get some figures on the table, even if only undercoated, to get back in to Warhammer.

A chaos knight, from Games Workshop, these are multi part plastics and whilst looking great are going to be
a pain to rank up as they are pretty bulky. I will probably buy another box and make a couple up into characters
on 50mm bases rather than buying the metal model which in my experience don't always go together that well.

ACW 6mm

Here is another project that just needs a kick start and once finished is a pretty complete project with nothing else needed - I must make this a priority for January!

Baccus figures are nice and straightforward to paint. I must pull my figure and get these finished.

WW2 6mm

I have had 6mm WW2 figures for some time, I have started revamping them and adding some German opposition. Looking forward to getting some games in with these thanks to Memoir sparking my interest in WW2 again.

GHQ Panther - you can see the quality in these models, they stand up well to close up photos.

ACW 28mm

This is hopefully going to be played a lot in 2011, I have a third box of Perry plastics in the post to make up my force for Terrible Sharp Sword. I am going to make some of these as additional standard bearers which does mean I could put together a brigade for different rules, just need some artillery.

An officer from the Perry ACW plastics set, I have added an arm from the cavalry set,
as I have with some of the others and put a kepi on the end of his sabre. The head was
cut off was replaced with another from a French Infantry set from Victrix.

And now the rest;

Cold War Soviets in 6mm

Most of the armour is based and just needs finishing off, the infantry will then need painting along with any aircraft. Not too much work then it's finished. I have buildings to paint but most of those will be useful for WW2 as well.

Sci-Fi 15mm

It would be nice to add some more vehicles to my force, perhaps some trikes, quad bikes and transports.

Napoleonics 28mm

I have lots of plastics to build and paint for Sharp Practice, giving me plenty of choice for scenarios, also at some point I need British Cavalry and some artillery.

Colonials 28mm

My Zulu war collection keeps moving on, I have some more British Infantry to paint now which I found on eBay. It would be nice to have some cavalry or irregulars but I am in no hurry. Of course if some plastic colonials come out I might have to make a box.

WW2 28mm

I have bought Troops, Weapons and Tactics from Two Fat Lardies, still need to get it printed out. Might be nice to have some biggish 28mm games with armour or paint my early German Fallschirmjager.

That does seem a lot but doesn't include some other projects from way back which might fight there way back to the painting table like the MoFo Mogadishu figures or my Dark Age lead mountain (Vikings and El Cid).

Finally for all the plastic and lead that get killed this year.

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