Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Help Rescue The Prince!

Here's the poster I put together yesterday for our club.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Xmas painting part 2

These are nearly done, just want to touch up the flesh tomorrow. Will pop some tufts on once varnished.

I also took the opportunity whilst some paint was drying to knock up a poster for our wargames club and finish off some counters for Malifaux.

These represent Book and Evidence tokens which are used in scenarios in Malifaux, just some circles cut from textured plastic card and the parts on top are from the GW Flagellants boxed set, bought from a 'bits' dealer.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Xmas painting so far - Xmas Eve

Malifaux guild crews so far.

Merry Xmas!

It's Christmas Eve, I am on a nice break from from work and I hope to get some gaming and painting in as I mentioned last time.

We had our trial game of IABSM, all went well and we are looking forward to trying armour and artillery in the new year, I called in to Total Wargamer and bought a box of the Plastic Soldier Company Shermans, I bought the 76mm Box but I think the sprues are identical.

Skytrex have also announced a sale of the holiday so I shall pop over there and get some Anti-Guns guns, M10 Tank Destroyers and Jeeps. I should really get some prime movers for the guns but I am going to wait for the plastic half tracks until then I shall use the Jeeps even if that aren't quite right.

Merry Xmas all.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Plans for 2012

With Xmas and the New Year rapidly approaching, I have been giving thoughts to next years projects, including finishing off this years painting.

Over the Xmas break I shall be painting up the Guild figures I have for Malifaux and finishing the 'Garden of Morr', this should give me more options for Malifaux and some usable terrain. I really want to make a portable board for this and Saga, I have some ideas in that direction.

Unusually I had issues with both these box sets, the Sonnia box had two matching Witchlings, which doesn't bother me but the Perdita box had two Santiagos and no Nino, an email to Wryd got me a replacement model without any issues.

With Feb's all day game having an ACW theme, I have some mounted and dismounted figures to paint along with some mounted generals. Just need to track down a scenario. I want to find something that will suit four to six players within the restrictions of the figures we have.

This weekend, weather permitting will see us trying out 'I Ain't Been Shot Mum', if all goes well, and I think I might then I shall be collecting a US force. Beginning with the armour, Jan/Feb will be anti-gun guns and tows, March I will hopefully pick the Infantry up at WMMS.

I have probably spend too much time deliberating over the choice of miniatures, my choice came down to Peter Pig or Skytrex, although there is more poses in the Skytrex range the Peter Pig figures are going to be much easier to paint, although there are bargains to be had in the Skytrex range. Armour has been easier where possible I shall be using the plastic kits from The Plastic Soldier Company, five tanks for £16.50 or less online is a bargain.

Will post our thoughts after tomorrows run through of the rules.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

More Saga

Played Saga again at the weekend, introducing another new player and gave the Vikings their first outing.

As always, I spend the afternoon watching telly when I should be reading the rulebook, so a quick bit of revision was needed during play, again a fun game with the advantage shifting back and forth. In the end both warlords were slain leaving only two warriors on each side. On realising they were the only survivors they decided discretion was the best part of valour and each retired.

Next time should be the first outing for IABSM3, I have no miniatures for this game, next year perhaps WMMS in March should see me buying some US infantry. Meanwhile in the Lard Xmas special, additional rules for playing in 6mm are being published.

We have also decided on doing a big ACW game at our next all day game in February, I am currently looking through scenarios for something suitable.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Blooming Eck it will be crimbo before we know it!

I have managed to be a bit lax with both my painting and posting lately, I blame Winter .... and work. So gaming wise the fantasy campaign came to a close with a Orc and Goblin win and I still didn't bring the High Elves to the table.

On the painting table I am still working on my small band of Vikings, as they are seeing the table on Sunday I shall have to pull my finger my out.

Sundays gaming last week so a couple of us play a new WW2 ruleset, not sure it hit all the right buttons for me, so I shall continue looking. At least I beat Steve as revenge for the Firestorm game. The lights in the village hall aren't too good with the phone camera but you can see Steve's great foamcore houses.

On the next table our forthcoming participation was being trialled, based on the "Death of the Prince Imperial" incident from the Anglo-Zulu wars, players try to protect the heir to the throne of Napoleon. This game is being staged at Minicon 2012 in January, a new nearby miniatures event.

Last weekend also found me in Birmingham, in the middle of the German market, which was hell, luckily respite was found in the shape of the Ian Allen bookshop where I bought the new version of "I Aint Been Shot Mum" from Toofatlardies. Looks like fun, next year might find me quickly painting up some Brits or US after WMMS in March.

Right off to sort out these Vikings.

Monday, 7 November 2011


"Right you lot, I want you outside in 10 minutes in full public order gear", "Sarge, can we arrest zombies?". "We are not arresting anyone Constable, the undead are out of our remit, we are to contain a perimeter which we will collapse once the helicopter arrives, its all standard drill."

In an overdue Halloween game, we found ourselves having to rescue some missing scientists, lost in the town. Chris and I were "the thin blue line", Mark played the hazmat rescue team, whilst Steve and Dean played the comedy element as Bikers and Gangsters respectively.

Below can be seen the table, the police station is in the top right hand corner of the table.

The police muster outside, with shields and batons ready.

Moving out to expand the perimeter.

To the bikers and gangsters, finding the scientists could get them a space on the last helicopter out of town.

Watching any of the zombie films or the walking dead should teach us one thing, zombies are attracting to sound and guns are very loud. Steve and Dean please take notes.

Zombie Drill. Knock them down with the shield and take them out with the baton.

Zombie being attracted by the sound of gunfire as bikers and gangsters shoot at each other after the scientists are found. The hazmat team move down the table to secure the scientists before they get shot or eaten.

The few zombies that appeared were dealt with, without a single shot being fired, classic public order policing.

Bikers and Gangsters face off.

Now it gets messy, too many zombies. What's for lunch?

Biker, it seems!

The scientists are slowly moving back to the landing pad as the helicopter is heard approaching, the police collapse their perimeter.

Alas we had no model helicopter this time, I drew one and we loaded up just in time. Lets hope those scientists have some useful information.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Three way Malifaux

Met us last weekend for a game of Malifaux, as there was three of us we decided on a three way game with a shared strategy 'distract'. I played with Nicodem and took Bete Noire.

Dave took Sonia and Luke had Ramos, Dave and Luke clashed early on whilst I tried to move my slow crew towards Dave's corner. In error I started using my crew to dig up corpse counters, which was removed when the Rules Manual came out, that didn't help me. Even though Dave lost most of his models he followed Luke in to 2nd place and I scraped 3rd. So close, one day I will win a game of Malifaux.

Monday, 24 October 2011

In the silence of space ......

An offer of a game of Firestorm Armada was encouragement enough for me to get my Sorylian fleet to at least a point where I could put them on the table. I do want to do some more details and I have some decals for markings.

Enjoyed the game, of course I lost but it was the first time I played so no shame in that. Learned a bunch from the game and will look forward to playing next time.

I have also managed to put together the last few of the Napoleonic French, got them undercoated and started the basing. I will pick up on these later when I want a no brain job.

The Gripping Beast Vikings have moved on a bit too, they are coming along slower than I would have liked, I have also assembled some Guild figures for Malifaux and Bette Noire for the Resurrectionists.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Head of Steam

The next game in our Warhammer campaign saw my Warriors of Chaos come up against Empire, Jim's army is fantastically painted and is gorgeous and a pleasure to play against. I did not know what to expect never having played Empire - I had a feeling they had a bunch of anti chaos toys.

The scenario was meeting engagement, my Hellcannon missed the deployment but would still be in a good position when it comes on to the table. Jim had several units kept of table which would prove more of a problem for him.

I'm not going to go in to a blow by blow account, I made a couple of mistakes, I should have either ignored the steam tank or not charged both units of knights against it. I could then have threatened the artillery which are the real threat in this army.

The game was close which wasn't reflected in the massacre result. My undoing was 'Van Horstman's Speculum' losing me a key melee phase. Well I can still take pleasure in destroying a Steam Tank and watching both Empire wizards dimensionally cascading.

Next weekend I am playing Firestorm Armada so I have tug the sorylian fleet out to finish them off this week then back to the vikings.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What a Saga!

Seems like ages that I have posted, played some games but not done as much painting as I would have liked.

Last week I played another game in our Fantasy campaign, once again facing Ade and his Goblins - I took an elite force heavy on Warriors but I was wrong footed right from the start as I was facing very mobile opponents with plenty of Magic. Live and learn, it certainly gave me more thought to getting chariots and my marauder horse painted up.

Also as always we had a spectator.

At the club we finally got to bring Saga to the table. Normans vs Vikings, just a four point game to start, working through the mechanisms to get our heads round the rules. An enjoyable game, with fatigue and the battle boards giving the expected subtly and flavour.

This game is going to bring some fun, more Viking era armies are promised as well as El-Cid, Arthurian and a free battle board that will be included in a future Wargames Illustrated.

Looking forward to finishing my own Vikings and getting some more games in.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I picked my copy of Saga last week, kept it to myself as the release date isn't until Monday but as the pre-orders are being shipped I thought I would share my thoughts so far.

As you can see I have the Norman and Viking dice sets, the rules are printed on thick glossy paper whilst the covers and battle boards are on thicker card stock. After a summer of big hardbacked rule sets these come as a centre stapled book which will certainly last longer than the 'perfect bound' style which seem to shed pages.

The book contains many photos and diagrams to aid with understanding the rules as well as adding period colour, the page corners have shield designs with the numbers in from the LBMS transfer range.

On my first skim through I picked up odd details here and there, at first glance it did look simplistic but then when I actually started to read the rules I picked up on the fatigue system and the battle boards. If any units take more than one action in a turn they gain fatigue and what is interesting is that your opponent can spend these fatigue points to slow down your movement or give themselves an advantage in melee, for example.

Each turn you throw your Saga dice, the number in part determined by the size of your warband. The dice are then spent to activate your units or special Saga abilities. The special abilities are paid for with your dice, but you can keep them for use in a future turn, hanging over your opponent.

I shall be reading through these a number of times before I play them in a couple of weeks time, I have Vikings to paint and my Normans are ready and waiting, then I shall share some thoughts on game play. If I have one criticism it is the price which apparently is down to the battle boards but ultimately if this ends up as a regularly played game then I will have value for my money.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Colours 2011

This weekend was Colours 2011 at the Newbury Racecourse. I popped down for a few hours today with nothing significant on my shopping list. I only had my phone with me so just took a couple of snaps.

First a great big VBCW (1938 Battle of Ambridge) game in 28mm which included a WW1 era AV tank, Somua tanks aswell as aircraft and boats, game was presented by the 'Edward VII Cocktail bar' forum.

Crooked Dice put on some demos of the 7TV game, the game looks great, though it looks a little terrain heavy, might be fun. There figures are excellent including their new Time Slip Police which sold out over the weekend.

With our groups interest in the Anglo Zulu War I could not help but be drawn to the massive Isandlwana, this was a massive game but I;m not sure they were playing, looked more like a static display which was a shame.

So now on to the loot.
Other than the latest WSS magazine this was what I game for, no new metal just scenic bits and some bits and pieces. Then I got to the Simple Miniatures stand, Malifaux blisters - buy three get one free, who is going to refuse that deal. Problem was I couldn't find four.

Their other deal was buy two box sets and get a free book. I blame Dave and the others, I decided to get the Sonnia and Ortegas box sets and got the Rising Powers book for free. Bargain! I also bought Night Terrors which should be excellent for seizing objectives and the like.

This week I should be mostly finishing off my Brits for the big game next week, I shall be taking my tripod and hopefully taking lots of photos.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Battle of Cook's Hill

The correspondent of the Chicago Times, writing from the Corps headquarters says "Yesterday saw men of I company of the 76th New York, engage and drive off Confederate forces. The Courtland Regiment had been pursuing the rebels since their last foraging expedition.

Captain Cook had split his forces between the two corn fields using them for cover, whilst sending a small patrol through the wooded area towards the hill and the turnpike, whilst the small cavalry moved around the right flank to get to the turnpike junction.

Lt Cochrane and Sgt Clark were the first to encounter the enemy coming under musketry before they were able gain the cover off the cornfield. Sgt Clark sustained the first of his several light wounds of that day.

Captain Cook and Lt Blodgett found their cornfield harder going, whilst Sgt Burnham worked around the right flank to get to the junction of the turnpike.

Whilst Cochrane and Clark came under continued fire from the wooded hill infront of them, the small central patrol got to the dead area infront of the main hill. Cook believed that he would find his enemny in the sunken road behind this hill but before he was able to discover this Rebels poured through the fences cresting the hill.

Finding themselves caught between two Federal forces the rebels split themselves in two, intending to drive off Cochrane then to turn and defeat Cook. Cook began to manuever his forces in to a firing line and on the left flank, rebel cavalry appeared.

Much has been made of the rebels cavalry, raiding along the front line, firing pistols and shotguns and riding off. This time they seemed determined to attack in the old European style with the sabre. They were repulsed with casualties before they were able to make contact.

Opposite Cook the rebels fired first, Cook was wounded but his men pulled him to safety and in his memory fired a tremendous volley which tore through their target, which wavered and then retreated. Burnham with his cavalry lept the fences and quickly dismounted to form a skirmish line.

Cochrane having beat off cavalry now came under fire from the rebel infantry, but concious of the formed infantry in their flank they had no choice but to concede the field to the Federal forces.

Federal casualties including Captain Cook being seriously wounded and Sgt Clark suffering numerous light wounds were five further lightly wounded, three seriously wounded and regrettably four dead.

To commemorate the bravery of Captain Cook it was decided to rename the hill they had just fought over as Cook's Hill."

With the return of wounded models and reinforcements the 76th will be up to 73 rank and file models. Cook will not be present at the next engagement due to his recuperation from his wounds ( I need to roll a six after that game for his return), Clark was patched up and will return in the next game.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Getting set for Saga

Saga will soon be released and seeing that the next issue of Wargames Illustrated has a Saga feature led me to give my Dark Age collection a quick once over. As part of the various offers Gripping Beast have on their website, they show sample armies for the four armies featured. So looking at these armies, here's what I will have for the Normans.

This is a basic 4 point army, with two units of four milites, eight crossbowmen, twelve archers and the leader.

Swapping the mounted milites for their foot versions, would look like this.

As an alternative, unarmoured spearmen could be added.

I was told mounted troops cost no more than their dismounted versions but come with their own obvious disadvantages - they run away faster!

I have been thinking off getting a second army, checking the lead mountain I have found enough figures to do a Viking force, just need to clear the current projects, get some shields and a suitable Warlord figure.