Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 - A gaming and painting review

Seems only right that as one year rolls to its end that I look back at the years gaming and modelling and see where I have been spending my time. Luckily this is easily done by going back over my previous posts.

It is clear that 2 games/periods have dominated 2010 - Ambush Alley and Zulu's. Both have have plenty of run outs and are largely completed projects, but ones that I can tickle along with new models to keep things interesting and fresh.

One other game that I have enjoyed this year is 'Memoir 44' from Days of Wonder, an excellent game with easy yet subtle mechanisms and a endless supply of expansion and scenario packs.

Unbelievably this was a recent starting hand of Memoir 44, replaying the Omaha scenario as the Germans. I couldn't believe my jammy luck which held out for the rest of the game.  Sorry Ade!

So lots going on, plenty of new projects started, hopefully 2011 will see more projects finished than started.

December painting update

I have not managed to finish my second box of Perry ACW plastics, they will be finished over the next week but I have managed some other bits and bobs.

First up are the AT-43 plaque zombies from Rackham, alas they are no more and their whole catalogue of games and miniatures have an unknown future. I bought these in November and have just touched them up a little and done some urban style basing.

Next are more Zombies from Studio Miniatures, I struggled with a few of these, not being able to get inspiration but in the end I thought 'hey they are only zombies' so slapped some Devlan Mud on and carried on.

Due to a packing error I had a duplicate miniature, the girl in the business suit and the not quite in focus figure with the glasses is the George A Romero figure which was free if you bought the 16 figure deal.

I have some more figures to paint as zombies and will do these in 2011 once I have some more of these 30mm slotta bases.

Next up is a small start to my Warhammer Fantasy Chaos army, an army I had not done before. First up is the troll from the old starter set.

Next up is the test figure I painted up for my chaos marauders, I have around 80 of these to paint so want something quite straightforward.

Finally we have two groups of chaos hounds, a nice and easy start to the project.


Back soon with my review of 2010.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Un-boxing day!

Well I have not posted for a couple of weeks, the snow cancelled the last club night and the figures I painted especially for the game still remain unseen. Perhaps later in the week I will photograph them. In the meantime I have been dabbling on eBay again, I have a plastic troll for my fantasy chaos army and a box of Mantic Dwarfs just to see what they are like.

You might recall I had a couple of free ghouls, which remain unpainted at the moment. I will paint them as zombies when I do the Heresy ghouls. The dwarfs seem to have polarised opinions but you can't argue with their value for money.

Mantic's approach is simple plastic models with little assembly enabling gamers to assemble their armies quickly. The set I have here "Ironclads" seems to be the basic troopers and came via eBay for just over £7 post paid. There are considerable savings to be made by buying the various larger sets available, bring the model cost as low as  44p each. GWs dwarfs are triple the price.

All Mantic sets come in plastic storage boxes, which they suggest you store the models in once painted. The cases are pretty study and ensure the figures come in tip top condition.

Inside the case, a foam lining, 2 sprues of figures, a sprue of bases, a leaflet and a "Mantic Point". You might, if you are like me be of a certain age, remember than all Action Man stuff came with points on the boxes, you saved them up and exchanged them for goodies, this is the same. There are things for 10 points and 25 points.

Here is a close up of the sprue which holds 5 troopers, a casualty, a bulldog(!) and a severed Orc head. I'm pretty sure they could have squeezed another trooper on there but at least they are putting extras on the sprues. The bases are round which then fit into 20mm squares, this helps rank models up.

Whilst catching up on the festive telly, I have cut the fugures from the sprue and stuck them together. I have done some with the two handed hammer the rest have either smaller axes or hammers. I would have preferred round shields, reminding me of the old Imperial Dwarfs.

Here's a couple of shots of the ten assembled models. I might try and get these undercoated tonight if the snow doesn't get too much in the way.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Damn Weather!

Well this weather saps at the enthusiasm for painting, but I have done some more on work on the next batch of Perry ACW 28mm and had the airbrush out to basecoat the 6mm Germans.

In front of the TV I also started making up some more 6mm tree bases using the Noch pine trees and the Chinese trees I bought from eBay.

Last night, my Sci-Fi force got its first outing. The figures are from GZG and the infantry are from the NAC New Anglian Confederation range.

Now strictly speaking, figures usually lose on their first outing. Dane and I played a game of Imperial Commander by TTG, now available from, these rules are almost 30 years old, they do have charm but show their age as modern developments have outstripped science fiction!

I may have more than my share of troops and Dane found that I was able to take out all his transport APCs and then start off on his infantry. It will be nice to try something with Tomorrows War from Ambush Alley in the new year.

I  have just listened to myself get name dropped on the Bad Dice pod-cast, for my dettol stripping suggestion. Wear gloves, take it steady and the stuff will strip paint from plastic and metal in 24 hours or so.