Friday, 31 December 2010

December painting update

I have not managed to finish my second box of Perry ACW plastics, they will be finished over the next week but I have managed some other bits and bobs.

First up are the AT-43 plaque zombies from Rackham, alas they are no more and their whole catalogue of games and miniatures have an unknown future. I bought these in November and have just touched them up a little and done some urban style basing.

Next are more Zombies from Studio Miniatures, I struggled with a few of these, not being able to get inspiration but in the end I thought 'hey they are only zombies' so slapped some Devlan Mud on and carried on.

Due to a packing error I had a duplicate miniature, the girl in the business suit and the not quite in focus figure with the glasses is the George A Romero figure which was free if you bought the 16 figure deal.

I have some more figures to paint as zombies and will do these in 2011 once I have some more of these 30mm slotta bases.

Next up is a small start to my Warhammer Fantasy Chaos army, an army I had not done before. First up is the troll from the old starter set.

Next up is the test figure I painted up for my chaos marauders, I have around 80 of these to paint so want something quite straightforward.

Finally we have two groups of chaos hounds, a nice and easy start to the project.


Back soon with my review of 2010.

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