Monday, 6 December 2010

Damn Weather!

Well this weather saps at the enthusiasm for painting, but I have done some more on work on the next batch of Perry ACW 28mm and had the airbrush out to basecoat the 6mm Germans.

In front of the TV I also started making up some more 6mm tree bases using the Noch pine trees and the Chinese trees I bought from eBay.

Last night, my Sci-Fi force got its first outing. The figures are from GZG and the infantry are from the NAC New Anglian Confederation range.

Now strictly speaking, figures usually lose on their first outing. Dane and I played a game of Imperial Commander by TTG, now available from, these rules are almost 30 years old, they do have charm but show their age as modern developments have outstripped science fiction!

I may have more than my share of troops and Dane found that I was able to take out all his transport APCs and then start off on his infantry. It will be nice to try something with Tomorrows War from Ambush Alley in the new year.

I  have just listened to myself get name dropped on the Bad Dice pod-cast, for my dettol stripping suggestion. Wear gloves, take it steady and the stuff will strip paint from plastic and metal in 24 hours or so.

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