Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 - A gaming and painting review

Seems only right that as one year rolls to its end that I look back at the years gaming and modelling and see where I have been spending my time. Luckily this is easily done by going back over my previous posts.

It is clear that 2 games/periods have dominated 2010 - Ambush Alley and Zulu's. Both have have plenty of run outs and are largely completed projects, but ones that I can tickle along with new models to keep things interesting and fresh.

One other game that I have enjoyed this year is 'Memoir 44' from Days of Wonder, an excellent game with easy yet subtle mechanisms and a endless supply of expansion and scenario packs.

Unbelievably this was a recent starting hand of Memoir 44, replaying the Omaha scenario as the Germans. I couldn't believe my jammy luck which held out for the rest of the game.  Sorry Ade!

So lots going on, plenty of new projects started, hopefully 2011 will see more projects finished than started.

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