Monday, 22 November 2010

"The Sparks of War"

Well I haven't managed to complete anything since the last post, although having a couple of sick days left me looking for something simple to keep me occupied. I chose to begin the base work on my Soviets for Cold War Commander.

Well I ripped through the rebasing then the weeks of playing Memoir 44 begain to catch up with me, I had taken my old WW2 Russians and began those too. Well that led to thinking as I had Russians and Americans then I should get some Germans.

So I find myself at Warfare on Sunday picking up some Adler WW2 Germans, they are currently in the garage with the undercoat started. I have also managed to drag others down this path, I hope to insert odd units in between painting ACW figures.

The other purchase of the day was a box of At-43 Virus Zombies, with the collapse of Rackham recently, one of the traders was selling boxed sets off at 2 for £10. I had wanted a set of these for a while, so a quick deal with Garry and we both have a box for a fiver, previous retail price £18.

I see these as either the product of some evil faceless corporation in a zombie apocalypse or perhaps as opponents in a near future sci-fi game. They look pretty good out of the box, I shall add some stuff to the bases and give the trousers a dry brush.

Tomorrow I hope to start getting some paint on my second batch of Perry ACW plastics and turn over the 6mm Germans and give them some more undercoat.

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