Sunday, 7 November 2010

Remember, remember the fifth of ........

So what have I have been up to lately, playing Memoir 44 has left me with a desire to do some to WW2 some time soon, perhaps 28mm with TW&T or / and 6mm with Blitzkrieg Commander or FoW? Walking Dead started on FX and to celebrate I painted a zombie.

I painted this one as it is a pretty unique, a zombie in a chicken suit. I also need to add some more stuff to the bases. I have also finished but not varnished the dozen Zulus with rifles. I have also done some basing work on my cold war soviets on a whim.

Tonight we played another game of Sharp Practice using our Zulu collections. We refought "Sihayo's Kraal" a classic attack on a kraal uphill.

Here's the table, the NNC are able to climb the slopes, the British have to use the track, all of the Zulus are armed with rifles and the seemed to be pretty good shots too.

Charge! The NNC charge home clearing a cave and destroying two Zulu groups after they received the only decent British volley of the game. Alas the British were unable to force on further, we'll get them next time.

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