Monday, 25 October 2010

More Zulu's!!!

At the last club we rolled out the Zulus once again, this time to test drive Sharp Practice - we were looking for a game which would give us a cinematic feel with officers doing stuff rather than being faceless models with no personalties.

We had a pretty good game, we just need to tweak the levels of Big Men and possibly the size of some of the units, we are having another go next club, so possibly some more photos then.

Here's a couple of groups of Zulus, they have some shock and maybe a casualty or two but are about to charge the lone group of Naval Brigade in front of them.

I have spent the last few days finishing the box of ACW cavalry, once they are matt vanished I will post them up here, I have done some undercoating and basing - some stuff about to be painted and others that were simply in reach when I was grabbing stuff.

This shot is a little dark, we have a second box of Perry ACW plastics, some dismounted cavalry, CMG 15mm Power Armour, Zulu riflemen and a pack of Foundry Pygmies. And no Mark this lot won't all be painted by next club!

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